Access Requests

Self-service user Access Requests for applications, entitlements, and roles. Privileged access has never been easier. Learn how IDHub manages the full lifecycle of Access Requests.

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Access Requests

IDHub Request Management

IDHub was designed to streamline and simplify the Access Request Process, for approvers and requesters, empowering organizations to securely grant access to resources, in a matter of minutes.

Whether managing internal or external requests, IDHub makes the requesting process more efficient. Our intuitive user interface allows requesters to quickly and accurately submit requests, while approvers are able to review, approve or deny requests, in a single click.

For organizations managing multiple accounts across complex environments, Roles help ensure users can request exactly what they need.

Our advanced Time-Based Access security feature, allows admins to set, or users to request, specific time-frames for access.

We understand security of your data is paramount, so IDHub was designed to ensure only those who need access are granted it. With customizable security protocols, admins can easily adjust settings to restrict access based on user requirements.

IDHub Self-Service Portal

IDHub houses all active resources, Applications, Entitlements, Roles, and Service Requests, on a centrally located Search Catalog page, providing users the ability to request access for themselves, or on behalf of another user, with their privileged credentials.

Users can easily view the Search Catalog page for requestable resources, other active users, and their access.

What is visible to users in Search Catalog, is completely customizable, and can be designed exactly how you need it.

User Entitlement Requests

Every application has corresponding permissions, or Entitlements, visible and ready to request within the app.

Entitlement Management assists admins with fully controlling permissions within applications.

Entitlements can be configured to follow approval workflows different from the workflows assigned to the app itself.

User Role Requests

Roles are requested from the same centrally located, Search Catalog page.

When viewing a role, users can see all the resources within that specific role.

Each individual resource within the role, is granted to the user who requested access, automatically, upon approval.

Visit Role-Based-Access to learn more about IDHub Roles.


Approval Workflows

Every application, entitlement, and role, follows a specific approval request process, known as the Approval Workflow.

Approval workflows can be simple, like automatic access once requested, or complicated for high-risk resources, requiring multiple approvals and access reviews before access is granted.

Custom Approval Workflows

IDHub allows admins to design Custom Workflows, requiring no code, easily created with our drag-and-drop functionality.

Custom workflows are tailored to the organization needs, fully managing any level of access control to all users.

Custom workflows provide a layer of protection that helps ensure organizational compliance mandates, regulatory requirements, privacy regulations, and prevent access by users with malicious intent.

Tracking Requests

Requesting for resource access is super simple for the end-user, and fully transparent, making it easy for the user to understand what stage their request is in and what the current approval status is, at any point in the requesting process.

IDHub provides users the ability to view a complete audit trail, for every request submitted from their Track Requests page.

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