IDHub Partner Program

Sath's Partner Program Includes Premiere IT And Identity Management Service Providers Working Together With Sath To Secure Identity Governance.

Partner Benefits

Leverage your expertise with our easy-to-use solution to complete service requests remotely and in half the time.


Pre-built connectors and simple implementation mean you can complete projects faster and deliver results to your customers not previously possible.

As an authorized Partner, your contact information and logo will appear on the daily dashboard that every user sees to keep your brand front of mind for all service requests.


Get featured as an Authorized IDHub Partner on Sath's website.


Become part of our growing network of IAM experts, as part of our Identity Advisory board

Grow Your Business, Expand Your Reach.

IDHub provides a new tool to reach cost-prohibitive clients who were unable to utilize the benefits of Identity Management due to budget restraints and the dedication of time and resources to implementation.


As an add-on to existing legacy platforms, IDHub provides a wealth of new features that clients love.


Apply today and gain a competitive advantage to acquire new clients with tools not available anywhere else.




Get Suggestions To Improve Defenses And Drastically Cut Daily Workload.

Free Identity Management (IAM) Evaluation