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Right Access
For Right People
To Right Systems.


Gain new management and oversight capabilities, powered by IDHub—Sath’s first-of-its-kind IDM platform.



Know who needs and has access to which systems Instantly provision, de-provision, and reconcile as required.



Save time and resources upfront and over time with Sath’s efficient, cost-effective IAM solutions.


If your organization is like most, your IT staff struggles with the ongoing and challenging task of providing timely user access and onboarding to company resources while also protecting those resources from unauthorized users and cyber-threats.

Sath’s robust menu of industry-leading Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions and services enable you to simplify and streamline the user management process.

Now, instead of spending all their time making manual updates to your IAM systems, your IT staff can work to improve service levels, tighten cybersecurity, and address other operational challenges.

Your Front-Line IT Staff Knows…

network confusion
  • Manual provisioning of user access is cumbersome.
  • Not knowing who has access to which systems can be costly.
  • Tracking all your systems in one centralized IAM catalog is time-consuming.
  • Upgrading IAM technologies seamlessly without any downtime is impossible.
  • Keeping application integrations up-to-date is a full-time job.
  • There’s no self-service to manage applications, roles, and entitlements.
  • There’s no simple, standardized access reconciliation process for all systems (connected and disconnected).

IDHub – A Vision of Simplicity

IDHub – Where Identity, Efficiency, and Security Intersect.

IDHub is the first workforce identity management software that focuses on ease of use, low code maintenance, and out-of-the-box security compliance. IDHub lets you…


Observe who has access to which systems. Make informed decisions about how internal resources are accessed.



Manage user access quickly and efficiently according to their organizational status across all permissions.


Secure your data and resources through simple, streamlined access authorization and certifications.

IDHub is the only workforce identity/access platform that gives you and your IT team the visibility and control they need to manage your systems efficiently and securely. 

Sath solutions guarantee compliance with all industry regulations, including ISO, NIST, HIPAA, and NERC CIP.


Two Factor Authentication

IDHub secures your data by eliminating the need for multiple passwords.

  • Single Sign-On solution with 2FA protection for a master password
  • Bio login compatible to eliminate all passwords completely
  • Increase productivity, and reduce tech support costs for password recovery

Sath Is Your Worry-Free IAM Partner

We offer a wide range of IAM consultation, services, and support to our clients.

See IDHub In Action

Schedule a live demo to view a full demonstration of IDHub’s features and benefits.

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Why do our clients love IDHub?

Sath’s groundbreaking IAM platform has dramatically changed how many of our clients operate. 

The solutions IDHub provides frequently address their most pressing issues and problems.


Define access policies and streamline access requests, approvals, and certifications, all from a centralized system.

Secure Controls

Secure data assets in compliance with internal and external information security controls.

Near Zero Labor

Eliminate the labor-intensive task of managing an IAM catalog.


Increase security by rapidly and easily changing user access levels as circumstances change.

Fast Processes

Expedite strategic security initiatives through an automated process that can process hundreds of access requests in just minutes.

Easy Access

See and control workforce access to all system applications, data, and locations—on-premises or in the cloud. 

No Hassles

Extend your existing systems life: IDHub works with most IDM applications.

User Friendly

Integrate with popular on-premise and cloud applications through a user-friendly admin console. 

Time Savings

Save considerable time and effort on everyday tasks and focus on what’s most important.

On Demand

Identify unauthorized access early and perform access reconciliation on-demand without the need for IDM Operations teams. 

Client Testimonials

IAM Project Manager, Fortune 500

“We used to spend thousands of dollars and army of skilled developers to manage our IAM catalog. With Sath IDHub, we have cut our spend by 40% and given time back to our IAM team. What used to take months, now takes minutes.”

IAM Project Manager, Fortune 500 organization

“We are very impressed with Sath team.Our internal business partners love them as well. They really own their (and many times our) deliverables and end to end execution. They are thorough in their research and recommendations. Their technical knowledge is awesome – but it’s the other skills that make them stand out – They are proactive, Give their risk-based recommendations, which are backed by research and then they back it up with detail documentation.”

IAM Project Manager, Fortune 500

“IDHub was critical in meeting our Cyber Security Uplift Program. Using IDHub, We were able to on-board 350+ applications into our IDM platform within 3 months. Without IDHub, this would have been impossible to meet our corporate risk management directives.”

IAM Project Manager, Fortune 500

“We used to spend thousands of dollars and army of skilled developers to manage our IAM catalog. With Sath IDHub, we have cut our spend by 40% and given time back to our IAM team. What used to take months, now takes minutes.”

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