Right Access for Right People to Right Systems

Simply powerful identity management

Utilize Sath's flagship product IDHub to effectively manage user accounts and their associated permissions across all applications. Make onboarding, transfers, offboarding of employees and 3rd-party contractors an effortless task.

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Enterprise Reinvention

Bring agility to your enterprise.

IDHub is not merely utilized for requesting access, but also to instantly provision user access, update existing systems, enable direct-to-work capabilities, as well as engage in other identity governance activities. Receive expert integration guidance from our managed services team and certified partners to fulfill all your identity requirements.


Categorize Access

Organizations must ensure that different stakeholders have the correct type of system access, using permissions and entitlements.


Grant Access

Allow users to request access from available resources, and configure/assign appropriate approval workflows for each.


Control Access

To establish security and demonstrate compliance, organizations must be keen on who has access to their systems, at all times.

Identity Governance

A complete IGA solution for all.


Access Reviews and Certifications

Streamline your process for reviewing user permissions or Entitlements, to ensure they only have the access they need. See how IDHub audits user access instantly or scheduled, with customizable Certifications, or Access Reviews.


Role Based Access Control

Managing user access with IDHub Roles empowers organizations to provide their employees with job specific permissions from day 1, and quickly deprovision and provision access when job requirements change.


Auditing and Compliance

Auditing user access in highly regulated industries always seems to be a challenge. IDHub simplifies that process with Reporting, as it has capabilities to customize organizational compliance needs, regardless of the sector.


Identity Workflows

Effortless Setup and Use

No Code Setup

Get Started with IDHub today, without any technical expertise, to take control of your workforce user access, and instantly start meeting compliance.


Low Code Customizations

We understand that every business is different, and processes are highly specific. With almost no technical expertise, admins can create Custom Workflows, orchestrating the flows needed.



Why choose us?


Ease Of Use

Simplicity of implementation, strengthens user adoption and security governance.



Rule-based configuration enables solution tailoring, to fit any company's needs.


Save Time

Seamless application integrations provide maximum control, in minimal time.


Save Money

Automate provisioning to save money in IT costs and personnel needs.

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IDHub Workforce IAM

Improve compliances with our IAM solution


Streamline Your Identity Security Strategy with Gartner IGA Essentials in Our Cloud Solution.

Self Hosted

Reach New Heights in Identity Security with Our Cloud Native Solution. Deploy IDHub Now!