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We will spend the second hour hearing from four different speakers. Four segments of about 15 minutes each. Followed by discussions, trivia, networking, and enjoying light food and drink.


The History
How it began, the early tools, issues, and solutions. The genesis and maturity of Identity Management as a discipline.

The Present
Current trends, What a career in IAM looks like? Or low-code programming in event-driven IAM systems.

The Future
Share a roadmap. Speaker shares a five-year roadmap in the IAM journey

Radical Idea
Thinking out of the sphere. An idea at the fringes of reality and practicality that has the potential to change this industry

Speaker 1: TBD - Submit your proposal
Speaker 2: Arun Binaykia - Sath Inc.
Speaker 3: TBD - Submit your proposal
Speaker 4: Arun Binaykia - Sath Inc.

Can't make it Tuesday? Schedule a 5-10 minute discovery call with us to help us learn more about IAM in your industry and business and we'll send you one!

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