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Techno Tigers
FIRST Tech Challenge Team #23523
Rolling Meadows, IL
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Who are the Techno Tigers?

The Techno Tigers are a local robotics team in Rolling Meadows, IL, part of the FIRST Tech Challenge group.

Students engaged in the FIRST Tech Challenge develop engineering thinking skills.

They are tasked with designing, constructing, and programming robots to partake in alliance-based competitions with other teams.

These robots are crafted from a reusable platform utilizing Android technology and can be programmed at different levels through Java-based coding.

Techno Tigers Website is under construction, however you can learn more on our Facebook page for the time being.

More about FIRST Tech Challenge

It goes beyond merely constructing robots. FIRST Tech Challenge teams, comprised of up to 15 members in grades 7-12, face the challenge of conceiving, constructing, programming, and operating robots for competitive head-to-head matches within an alliance framework.

Under the guidance of adult coaches and mentors, students not only cultivate STEM skills and apply engineering principles but also come to appreciate the importance of dedication, innovation, and collaborative teamwork.

The robot kit remains reusable across multiple years and supports coding at various levels using Java-based programming. Teams engage in activities such as robot design and construction, fundraising, brand design, marketing, and community outreach, all contributing to the pursuit of specific awards. Participants also have the opportunity to apply for college scholarships exceeding $80 million.

Each season culminates in regional championship events, offering an exhilarating conclusion to the competition.

Learn more at FIRST Tech Challenge.

See & Drive a Robot at the IAM Meetup - Signup Below

Techno Tigers will be at the next Chicagoland IAM Meetup Group Event, sponsored by Sath on March 13th, 2023 from 3:30PM-6:30PM

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