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IDHub Identity and Access Management solution combines identity data with the power of AI and Elastic Search to drive stronger security and compliance across your entire organization. If you don’t have a way to analyze your identity data, you’re missing a key tool that can help you become proactive and make better access decisions.

Our platform when integrated with Elastic Search makes it easy to turn large amounts of identity data into actionable insights. From user attributes and roles to access history and entitlements as well as the identification of identity outliers, our access insights provide rich intelligence to transform your identity security program into an essential strategic resource.

  • Discover identity access outliers with AI-driven visibility into access privileges
  • Identify potential risks, such as abnormal entitlements and dormant or orphaned accounts
  • Determine what access users should have versus what access they currently have
  • Receive recommended remediation steps that integrate into certification campaigns
  • Review dashboards and reports to track the effectiveness of your identity program
IAM Analytics

Elastic Search Features in IDHub

In IDHub, the analytics feature provides insights and reporting capabilities related to user identities, access management, and overall system performance. Here are some key aspects of the analytics feature in IDHub that you can use:


User Activity Monitoring

IDHub Elastic Search allows organizations to track and monitor user activity within the identity management system. It provides visibility into user login patterns, access requests, authentication attempts, and other user-related events. This helps in identifying abnormal or suspicious user behavior and detecting potential security threats.

Unauthorized Access

Access and Permission Analysis

IDHub Elastic Search can provide insights into user access rights and permissions across the organization's systems and applications. It enables administrators to analyze access patterns, identify access anomalies, and ensure compliance with security policies and regulations.

Risk assessment

User Behavior Analytics

Elastic Search based analytics in IDHub analyzes user behavior and access patterns to detect anomalies or deviations from normal behavior. It employs machine learning algorithms and behavioral analytics to identify unusual access patterns, potential insider threats, or compromised user accounts. This helps in proactively detecting and mitigating security risks.


System Performance Monitoring

IDHub Elastic Search provide insights into the performance and health of the identity management system. It tracks metrics such as system uptime, response times, resource utilization, and user activity trends. This information helps administrators optimize system performance, plan capacity, and address any bottlenecks or performance issues.

Provisioning Analytics

User Provisioning and Deprovisioning

IDHub also offer insights into user provisioning and deprovisioning processes. It helps administrators analyze the efficiency of user onboarding and offboarding, identify process bottlenecks, and optimize user lifecycle management workflows.


Compliance Reporting

IDHub Elastic Search assists organizations in generating compliance reports related to user access, permissions, and system usage. It provides predefined or customizable reports that align with industry regulations and compliance frameworks. These reports help organizations demonstrate compliance and facilitate security audits.

Target Audience

Users of Elastic Search

Elasticsearch is a versatile search and analytics engine that IDHub uses for various analytics use cases. Here are some groups of users who can benefit from using our IDHub integration with Elasticsearch for analytics.

  • Businesses and Enterprises: Businesses of all sizes can leverage Elasticsearch for analytics to gain insights from their user access data in IDHub. It allows organizations to analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data, perform real-time monitoring, detect trends, and make data-driven decisions. Elasticsearch's scalability and flexibility make it suitable for industries such as e-commerce, finance, telecommunications, healthcare, and more.
  • IT Operations and DevOps Teams: IT operations and DevOps teams can use Elasticsearch for user access log analytics and monitoring. By indexing and analyzing log data, they can gain insights into system behavior, detect anomalies, troubleshoot issues, and ensure the health and performance of their infrastructure. Elasticsearch's ability to handle large-scale log data ingestion and its integration with Logstash and Beats make it well-suited for log analytics.
  • Security and Compliance Teams: Security teams can utilize Elasticsearch for security analytics, threat detection, and monitoring of user access. By analyzing security logs, network traffic data, and other security-related information, they can identify potential security incidents, detect patterns of suspicious activity, and respond effectively to threats. Elasticsearch's real-time search capabilities and integration with security tools make it valuable for security analytics.
  • Developers and Application Architects: Developers and application architects can incorporate Elasticsearch into their company applications to enable search functionality and analytics capabilities. IDHub uses Elasticsearch's RESTful API, which is an easy integration with different programming languages, and scalability make it a popular choice for building search-driven applications, recommendation systems, content filtering, and more.

Ultimately, anyone who needs to search, analyze, and gain insights from their data, regardless of industry or role, can benefit from using Elasticsearch for analytics. Its scalability, speed, full-text search capabilities, aggregations, and integration with other components of the Elastic Stack make it a powerful tool for data exploration and analysis

How it works?

IDHub uses Elastic Search to provide all access Insights real time. You can perform all Search, Logging, Monitoring activities using our Elastic Search integration.

You will have:

  • A dedicated index in Elastic search that shows all desired data of your IDHub instance
  • Transactional as well as Historical data is visible in Elastic search
  • You can use Dashboard capabilities of Elastic search for display and reporting purposes
  • Training manual on how to get started with elastic search and IDHub
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