Application Entitlement Management

Manage your applications and all the permissions in one central place.

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IDHub provides a single platform to easily manage application lifecycles, across many IDM systems.

It has a user-friendly application onboarding wizard, to ensure speed and ease-of-use for administrators.

Admins can easily perform single and bulk app onboarding and offboarding actions, with no technical experience.

IDHub has an application onboarding engine accommodating:

IDHub Entitlements

Applications onboarded into IDHub have corresponding permissions. We call those application-specific permissions, Entitlements. Common entitlements are User, Admin, Super Admin, Read, Write, etc.

Every entitlement has its own permissions within an app, determining what a user can and can't do with their access.

Multiple apps and entitlements can be grouped together into IDHub Roles, and assigned to users based on user account attributes. When the user attributes meet the condition in the Role, the resources in the Role are automatically provisioned to the user account.

Roles can also be made available for users to request access to. Once the request for the Role is approved, the apps and entitlements in the Role are automatically provisioned into the user account. Roles can also be auto-assigned. Visit Role Based Access to learn more about Roles.

Bulk Application Onboarding

IDHub has capabilities to onboard thousands of applications and entitlements in minutes, saving critical IT time. 

Additionally, businesses that need to move all of their existing apps and digital identities to IDHub, can take advantage of our interactive Bulk Application Wizard that considers all crucial tasks and concerns. 

Enterprises using many applications,can use the bulk XLS-based upload wizard, to save days or even weeks.

Delegated Application Management

IDHub provides a unique built-in solution, allowing admins to delegate app management, to any user they choose.

Handing control of applications to managers, frees up IT staff, giving managers access and visibility to the apps they use, and allows them to manage every aspect of the app, including who has access, and to what entitlements.

When configuring a new application, a designated Business Owner and an IT Owner are required.


  • Allow application access requests to be approved or denied by the user’s direct manager.
  • Allow application requests to be approved or denied by the application owner.
  • Automatically notify the owner of any new requests, or approvals for the app or role.
  • Send custom email notifications to owners, or managers with actionable items.
  • Assign approval tasks to owners, managers, or designated approvers, with custom workflows.
  • Create a manager approval, and allow owner approvals for any app modifications.
  • Create automatic certifications, if the owner changes.

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