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Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft Entra ID (Formerly Microsoft Azure Active Directory) is a cloud computing platform run by Microsoft, which offers access, management, and development of applications and services through global data centers.

Azure AD
Formerly Azure AD

Connect to Microsoft Entra ID


Microsoft Entra ID is the new name for the Azure Active Directory connector.

Our Microsoft Entra ID (Formerly Microsoft Azure Active Directory) integration uses a dedicated Entra ID connector for accessing and maintaining Microsoft 365 groups and users.

We use SCIM protocols to connect to your Entra ID tenant using REST APIs.

Account in Entra ID

IDHub pulls all Entra ID user account information from your tenant. Features like full account reconciliation, recent changes reconciliation, new user creation, update user account, enable/disable users, set passwords, add/remove entitlements (user licenses, user group memberships, user roles etc) are done in IDHub

User Account attribute we fetch includes (but not limited to):

  • User Principal Name (As a unique identifier)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Display Name
  • Department
  • Job Title

Our customers can choose to fetch any other attributes apart from the above as per their individual needs. With our Attribute based Access Control (ABAC), you can decide which information will be used on new user creation and which ones on user modifications.

Entitlements in Entra ID

IDHub Entra ID Connector pulls these types of entitlement from Entra ID tenant for provisioning and de-provisioning.

  • Entra ID Groups
  • Entra ID Roles
  • Entra ID Licenses

Employees of your organization can request for these entitlements as needed.

Entra ID Groups

Also as part of Microsoft Entra ID connector, we establish connection with your tenant to fetch all Entra ID groups. For Microsoft Teams (which are treated as Entra ID Groups) have their specific roles that can be assigned to an individual as well.

Users require to pick role(s) as desired while requesting for a Microsoft Team. These roles are very specific to the team and as designed by Entra ID. Supported operations are:

  • Member
  • Owner

These roles cannot be customized currently as this is created in your Entra ID Instance.

Upon completion of approvals based on request workflow defined by you on a particular group, the users will automatically get access to the requested group in the desired role (Member/Owner) by our automated fulfillment.

Entra ID License

Also as part of Microsoft Entra ID connector, we also fetch all licenses present in your tenant.

Users can request individual licenses or license packs as available in your tenant.

Entra ID Roles

Also as part of Microsoft Entra ID connector, we also fetch all roles (including privileged) present in your tenant.

Users can request individual roles as available in your tenant.

Support and Maintenance

IDHub provides out of the box connector issue support and timely maintenance as a standard quality guarantee for all of our customers having our Cloud solution. However, any customization made to existing connectors requires managed services support plan for support and maintenance.

Feature Summary


Create User
Modify User
Add User to Azure Group


Remove User
Remove Azure Group from User


Fetch Users
Fetch Azure Groups
Fetch User Assigned Groups
Advanced - Fetch User by Source

Additional Use Case

License Management