Password Management

Eliminate passwords with Keycloak, and increase access request agility. We support MFA SSO and SAML based authentications across all commonly found applications.

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Setup User Logins

Creating users via Service Request will provide default passwords for users to use and login to IDHub. However, password management is an important feature in any Identity management application and is very specific to every organization. 


Keycloak Password Manager


IDHub uses Keycloak to manage its password and SSO capabilities. Listed below are the different ways passwords can be managed.

  • Use default passwords, set by Keycloak, when creating a new user via IDHub Service Requests
  • Enter a password for each user in Keycloak manually

User Federation

User Federation is a process by which user information is pulled from a target application into IDHub Keycloak, and uses passwords that are present in the application the users are federated from. From the Keycloak Administration tool of IDHub you have the ability to configure user federation.




SSO/SAML setup is a process by which passwords are avoided completely, and users are allowed to login with an authentication system of another application, to keep a centralized login to all their applications. IDHub inbuilt Keycloak provides administrators an easy way to manage and setup SSO for user logins.

Centralized Login

You can configure the SSO/SAML capabilities using Keycloak, so users are allowed to login with an authentication system of another application, enabling a centralized login to all their applications.


Password Management Benefits

  • Default login passwords via IDHub Service Requests
  • IDHub includes Keycloak
  • User Federation capabilities
  • SSO/SML capabilities
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