Automations & Event Triggers

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Triggers are events that occur in IDHub. First Step is to pick an event within your Identity Security that you wish to automate. Some of the possible events may include:

  • Field Value Changed
  • Create Request
  • Create Task
  • Modify Request
  • Delete Request
  • Expire Task
  • Task Action Performed
  • Comments on Request
  • Incoming Webhook

Apart from event based, a trigger can be on a schedule as well.

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Conditions are based on IDHub Query Language. You can have any condition added and it will be an additional check on top of existing trigger to start an action.

IDHub uses GraphQL to search across IDHub and cross-collections to get desired results.

A condition can be anything from Location based search to User Account or User based attribute logics. You can also have conditions based on provisioned date range to pick a targeted time period in which events will be tracked and on an event, actions will be performed

Some examples of conditions are: 

“location=Illinois AND department=IT” - This will only perform actions on event for IT Department folks in Illinois in your organisation 

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Final Step of Automation is to perform some functions that you desire in IDHub. We can do diverse actions like:

  • Assign Task
  • Withdraw Task
  • Comment on Request
  • Send Email
  • Send Web Request
  • Create ticket in Jira Service Desk
  • Create ticket in Zendesk
  • Connect to external system

Actions are not limited to above and there can be custom actions built to automate within IDHub

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IDHub Automations

Build powerful rules without limits

  • You know your business, so you should make the rules. Create flexible automations that perform different actions based on if/then logic.
  • Customize your IDHub with webhooks. Receive data from any service or send requests to any URL—without writing code or running servers.
  • Cover all your bases. Don't see a business event you need among IDHub integrations? Build your own rules.
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Empower your entire organization

Track and manage your Platform

Take control of every action that happens on your identity security application. Take IDHub for a test drive.

Secure High Risk Events

With IDHub automations, handle unwanted requests to high risk applications that move requests to auto-fail

Secure logins for whole organization

Detect unwanted IP logins and perform necessary actions to fail requests and maintain access control.