IDHub Email Notification Templates

Customize your Identity Management Communication for system notifications.


Custom Email Templates

Easily customize the email templates used to notify users regarding changes or updates within the request access process, actionable issues requiring attention, or any other need within your organization.

With this feature, administrators can create, edit, and disable email notification templates.


Log & Analyze Email Communications

System Administrators can view all logs for outbound emails. They can also enable, disable, edit, and delete any automatic notifications being sent to users.


Rich Default Templates

To get you started, IDHub comes with over 40 out-of-the-box email templates for the most common scenarios.

Listed below are some of the most basic included.

  • Task Created
  • Task Claimed
  • Task Escalated
  • Request Approved
  • Request Rejected
  • Request Withdrawn
  • Request Completed
  • Proxy Added
  • Modification to User Profile
  • Welcome to IDHub
  • New User Created
  • User Disabled



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