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Discover how to build custom access request forms, with multiple inputs of any type. Collect only the data you need for each application request. Tailor access permissions based on specific roles and requirements, ensuring precise control over user access and security.

Identity and Access Management

User Access Request Form

A User Access Request Form for Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a document or digital form through which users can request specific access permissions, roles, or changes within an Identity and Access Management system.

As applications and services become more advanced, the user information and specific requirements for access can become equally complex.

Unlike many typical applications, which might only need an email and possibly a name, many applications today will need to know geographical information, hardware specifications, private information, or some specific level of access.

Provisioning a new user into an application with specific requirements often involves a lot of additional communication or documentation.

IDHub Custom Access Request Forms

Custom Forms are utilized in IDHub, to collect specific data related to resources like Applications and Entitlements.

Compatible with Workflows and Service Requests, Forms customize the request lifecycle, and access management.

Each specific resource that requires unique data, should have a means of ensuring data is automatically collected, quickly and appropriately.

The ability to completely customize Access Request Forms, allows IAM systems to acquire any number of specific pieces of information, at the time of the Access Request.

Custom Form

Building Custom Forms

System Administrators can easily create forms in a few steps from the Custom Forms page.

Click on Create Form, complete the required Basic Details, including the form name, any keywords used to find the form, a description of the form, and the application or services.

custom form basic info

Creating Custom Fields

Form Groups

The first step is to add any required groupings of questions related to the request.

For example, groups can include personal information, HR information, hardware, or token information.

Form Inputs

custom form details

Form input types allow administrators to gather information in multiple ways, including:

  • Text Fields
  • Text Areas
  • Date Fields
  • Drop-Downs
  • User Role Selection
  • Buttons
  • Copy Existing Fields On Other Forms

Additional Options

To customize inputs further, users can elect to make fields:

  • Required
  • Disabled
  • Static Text
  • Validation
  • Hint Text To Inputs

Form Validation

The JavaScript validation field is a multi-purpose validation box, creating an advanced field and form level validations.

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