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What can I do in Tour?

IDHub is an Identity Governance Application, built to address problems in the Identity and Access Management sector. Our live site allows you to perform all Identity Governance features, live in the app.


Below are some of the features you can try. See our video tutorials and documentation for help along the way!


Request For Access

All IDHub users can search for available applications, permissions, and roles from the Search Catalog page. Track requests in real-time to see where they are in the approval process.


Create An App

Create and manage the applications you need and their entitlements (app specific permissions), directly from the Manage Catalog page.


Create A Role

Create and manage roles from the Manage Catalog page. Use roles to provide user access to multiple applications and permissions, based on a condition for auto assignment, or for users to request.


Review Access

Use IDHub certifications (access reviews) to audit user access, and certify or revoke access directly from the task.


Track Access

IDHub stores all transactional data so admins can easily create any report to obtain the exact data needed to meet compliance. Visit Reports section for more.


Approval Workflows

IDHub approval workflows can be tailored to fit any business requirement and handle intricate situations. Admins can easily create custom workflows with minimal technical experience.

Request For Access

Login as an end-user and request for any application or role from the Search Catalog page.

Add A New User

There are multiple ways to onboard users into IDHub.

  • Users can be synchronized into IDHub from a trusted system like Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD)
  • Users can be uploaded manually from a non-connected application with the necessary user attributes
  • Users can be added via request

The below video shows how to add a new user via Service Request.

Login as an end-user and request for the Service Request “Create New User” from the Search Catalog page.

Create and Run Certifications

Login as an admin to create a new certification audit, and run that certification to audit user access.

Add A New Application

Login as an admin and create a new application from the Manage Catalog page.

Add A New Role

Login as an admin and create a new role from the Manage Catalog page.

Reconcile Application Data

Login as an admin and reconcile non-connected applications using the reconciliation feature.

This process is not needed when using connectors, as reconciliation is automated and instant.

Approval Workflows

IDHub Workflows are highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor their flows to exactly what they need.

Login as an admin and manage or create workflows from the Manage Catalog page.

FREE Identity Management Tools & Resources

IDHub Extras


User Access Control

Learn more about Access Control and utilize our free Access Control Policy Template, to help establish a healthy framework for your organizations access control.


Approval Workflows

Learn Workflow Basics, see our most common workflow scenarios, and brush up on your workflow skills for your own business workflows.


App Onboarding

Learn about Application Onboarding essentials, and grab a copy of our free Google form, 36 question, application onboarding questionnaire!