Manager Level Access Control

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Traditional Identity and Access Management Systems (IAM) only allow system administrators the ability to see and control who has access to applications and roles.

In many organizations, and specifically those with small IT teams,  managers want the ability to see and control who has access to the applications that they use and manage every day.

Now, with IDHub they can.

manager level access control

The Old Way

Most organizations use hundreds of applications, with thousands of users, roles, and entitlements.

Managing so many applications and users is a large, time-consuming job for IT administrators.

Additionally, IT admins are generally not as familiar with the applications they manage, as the managers who work with the applications and users every day.


The Solution

Out-of-the-box IDHub, provides a unique built-in solution that solves two problems simultaneously.

  • IT administrators are able to delegate the Identity Management of specific applications to the application owners, managers, or any active user or group of users they choose.
  • Handing control of the application access to managers, frees up IT administrator’s time, while giving Managers the access and visibility that they want for their applications.

Giving managers control of the applications they use, allows them to manage every aspect of the application, including who has access to the app, as well as which entitlements or permissions.

When configuring a new application, a designated Business Owner and an IT Owner are required. Similarly, new roles require Role Owners.

Also, managers can assign other users as proxy users, who would have control to manage their access tasks during an out-of-office.

Application Owners

Any active IDHub user, manager, or admin can be designated as the Owner.

IDHub is completely customizable, helping admins delegate specific responsibilities to owners, managers, or users.

IDHub is capable of providing as much or as little control within the application or role, as needed.


manager level access control

Manager Delegation Examples

Below are a few ways IDHub can be configured to take advantage of the Manager control rules. With IDHub Custom Workflow Builder, the options are endless.

  • Allow application requests to be approved or denied by the user’s direct manager.
  • Allow application requests to be approved or denied by the business owner.
  • Automatically notify the owner of any new requests, or approvals for the app or role.
  • Send custom email notifications to Owners, or managers with actionable items.
  • Assign approval tasks to owners, managers, or designated approvers, with custom workflows.
  • Create a workflow with direct manager approvals, but allow owner approvals for any application modifications or upgrades.
  • Create automatic certifications, if the owner changes.


Approval Workflow

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