IDHub Proxy Users

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Identity and Access Management

Proxy Users

Identity and Access Management systems often create complex and highly efficient workflows and processes that involve approvals or actions to be taken by specific individuals or groups.

As with any chain, a missing link will bring the entire process to a hard stop.  Creating Proxy connections provides an easy way to ensure that your processes continue without any hiccups.

What is an IDHub Proxy User?

Inside IDHub, a Proxy User is a real user account that has been selected as an alternate for a different single user.

In IDHub, typical users are assigned tasks, including approving, or fulfilling requests, taking some type of required action, or any other step which might be part of a custom workflow or part of their requirements inside of a user role.

In the event a user is temporarily, or permanently unavailable, a preassigned account will be granted proxy access to the original user's tasks.

Proxy accounts can act on behalf of the original user, and complete any assigned task to ensure everything runs smoothly.


How is a Proxy User assigned?

IDHub out-of-the box does not default Proxy Users, however you can configure it that way. If a default Proxy has not been configured, you will need to choose one, and potentially change it to default at a later time.

Steps to assign a Proxy

Assigning a Proxy User in IDHub can be done from the User Profile, and is quite simple.

  • Click on “Add Proxy”
  • Select the Proxy date(s)
  • Select the user you'd like to assign as Proxy, or select your Manager
  • Accept and Assign

About IDHub Proxy Users

What rights do Proxy users have?

Proxy users' rights are not elevated from their standard user rights. There is not a specific Proxy Authentication process, Proxy User password, or even a temporary password for accessing the system.

Proxy User accounts will function exactly as they did when not assigned as a proxy.

We suggest if you are in a position where you're required to complete tasks requiring elevated access, users should choose either a manager, supervisor, or someone with matching access levels.

What can Proxy users do?

There are no specific Proxy user Permissions so they are limited to the ability to accomplish any task that would have otherwise been assigned to the original Destination User they are standing for.

They will utilize the regular client connections and basic login procedures to access their non-proxy accounts as normal.

There is not a specific proxy login process or proxy passwords, so users will be able to use their basic direct logins.

The most common scenarios for using a proxy would be for things like approving access for someone or carrying out a service request task which would have been required by the original user such as, updating a physical document, gathering physical equipment, modifying a user, or fulfilling a step in the provisioning process.

Learn more about Manager Level Access Control and how gives managers the flexibility they need.

What are common reason someone would use a Proxy?

One of the additional features of assigning a proxy is that you can change it at any time, and set it to only be active for a specific range of time.

Having the flexibility to choose who and when you would like someone to act as your proxy makes them the perfect solution for things like vacations, offsite meetings, or any other scheduling conflict.

In addition, when not designated for a specific event, they are perfect to have a built-in contingency plan in the event of a sudden departure from employment with the company for any reason.

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