Single Pane of Glass

A simple single user interface for organizations using multiple IDM Engines.
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Multiple Identity Systems in one

IDHub provides organizations with a unique feature to use IDHub while using multiple Identity systems. This feature’s ease of use has helped several clients to avoid multi-year expensive projects and save time, money, and use resources effectively.

Features that can be availed are:

  • Access Requests across Multiple IDMs
  • Connected System synchronizations for each IDMs
  • Application Onboarding for newer IDM system post IDM upgrades

Thus organisations use IDHub seamlessly across migration and up-gradation periods

Extend the Life of Legacy Systems

For Organisations with an existing IDM that is in place, albeit a legacy system, IDHub provides a platform to use the existing system with newer and user-friendly interfaces to perform all existing IDM functions.

What do you get?


  • Better visualisations
  • Ease of use
  • No changes in existing IDM system
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IAM Profile Access

IDM Switch (On/Off)

IDHub single pane of glass provides an easy On-Off switch for organizations using IDHub.

What does it mean?

  • After the migration is completed, you can switch off the older IDM system for end-users and administrators alike as it served its purpose
  • After upgrading is complete, older IDM version may be of no use

Thus, IDHub provides a hassle-free platform for your use of Identity management systems

“With IDHub we can extend the investments made on our legacy systems and roll out a modern IDM system.”

-Arun Binaykia

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