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Provisioning involves the process of preparing and equipping an application, to allow it to provide access to its users.

The concept of user provisioning or access grant, mostly used in the IT infrastructure management, refers to the provisioning of the user’s account, to the network elements and applications connected in an organization. Generally in account provisioning, this is accomplished with directory entries. Provisioning to applications that need richer access controls, is often done directly through APIs or database entries.

Distributed Connectors

IDHub connectors are standalone platform-agnostic applications, that encapsulate all interactions with a target system. IDHub core connects to the target system via connectors to provision accounts, entitlements, and other resources.

IDHub by Sath

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Standard Based

IDHub connector consists of SCIM and other REST endpoints, to perform operations on a target system. The connectors are developed and maintained independently by the mainline IDHub. They are self-contained processes, running on a server/platform, that has a direct connection to target systems. Connectors can be run on the Target System Servers.

Connector Architecture
IAM Profile Access

Built to Scale

IDHub Provisioning engine integrates with connectors using standards-based protocol, and offloads the heavy lifting of work outside the core stack. This insulates the core stack from an outage, or problems occurring on isolated systems, increasing the stability of the system.