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IDHub is a IGA solution where all updates are delivered timely directly to customers, meaning as soon as we have an update, we ship it. We generate fresh IDHub image files every few months. These images are tested and subsequently announced with a blog post.

All the downloadable files contains zip locations for downloading the artifact. To know more about how to use the files and perform installation of both IDHub and connectors.


IDHub 23.3.0

You would need to extract the zip to install the application using Docker. 
Note: Verify the zip's sha256sum before extracting.
IDHub SHA256: 991d18670353ca7cba4860e7b15bc27c2b6b6b4008fddbe25d9b441c5f84ab0c


Azure AD 1.3.0

You would need to extract the zip to install the application using Docker.
Note: This version is compatible with IDHub version <=23.3.0
Azure AD SHA256: 369cdebf6c2d53aadf6dfd83a7a05a2fc6cf1a010953a84259a87a284fc681fb



Connector Files for AWS, LDAP, Salesforce, Atlassian Jira, Atlassian Confluence, Google Workspace etc will be coming soon.

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