An IAM Challenge We'd Never Seen - Steps We Took Trying To Onboard 600 Apps.

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Utility Company Saves 2400 IT Hours

600 Application Challenge

We had a problem, with no good answers.

Our client was moving from one IAM to another, and they needed to migrate 600 applications to the new service; there was a time and financial crunch. *Anonymous for privacy


Also, neither the new nor the old system, provided an easy way to accomplish this. 

Before IDHub was a product of its own, Sath was busy building individual solutions for international companies as an Identity Management Services provider.

This client has thousands of employees and millions of customers.
Security, privacy, and efficiency are paramount to this company's values.

As always, our work had to be first class. However, this project's success made it clear that improvements in Identity Management across the board were needed and could be achieved, but, we would need to build it from scratch.

“Many of our clients helped inspire the creation of IDHub, but this one stood out to us as a tipping point.” Arun Binaykia CEO Sath Inc

The Problems

More than just somehow getting the 600 applications onboarded into the new system in short order, there were additional requests. 

The client wanted managers to have direct access and the ability to view and approve access to the applications they manage, which was also not a feature of their new system.   

Finally, we needed to make sure they maintained NERC  compliance. We had our work cut out for us.

Oh, and they needed this process re-producible at any time.  We had our work cut out for us.

User Control Of Applications

Department Managers want to view and modify employee access levels to Apps they administer.  They don't want to log into apps individually to control Users and Privileges.


All updates or additions must be able to be certified and adhere to all NERC strict standards. Managers would like to certify Apps from the same location.

Implementation Is Time Intensive

The client regularly adds new Apps. They have approximately 600  currently to connect to any new tool. Usually, migrating or onboarding a new App takes up to four hours each.

Can't Be A One Time Solution

The solution needs to be permanent to allow Users to add any new Apps to their IAM system in the future and continuously Monitor their Applications and User Privileges. 

The Process

Immediately, we recognized a new stand-alone application would need to be created from scratch to accomplish all of these requests. Our team went to work. We outlined a blueprint of requirements for this new solution that would require a few different challenges.

  • Create a User-friendly interface for non-technical department managers to view, audit, and control access to their applications.
  • Build the ability to add, remove, or modify user access and entitlements from the interface
  • Add the capability to bulk upload Applications from a data sheet.
  • Establish a secure method to log into the system and all Applications.
  • Create repeatable workflow processes to automate adding new Applications.
  • Provide a way for Users to Certify Applications from the new interface.

The Solution

We gathered the business requirements and designed a new system from the ground up.

This system will incorporate all of the business requests into a new single pane of glass user interface.

This interface would be available to all users through a secure Single Sign-On screen.

And, after this project, the concept of IDHub became our primary focus.


The Results

  • The time it takes to add a new App to the IAM system was reduced by 94% from 4 hours to 10 Minutes.
  • Capability for Managers and Department leads to view and edit all of their employee's access cut out the need to involve the IT department in frequent Access Updates.
  • The new bulk uploading system allowed the 600 Applications to be uploaded in a total of 10 minutes, down from  4 hours each. This feature saved 2,400 paid IT support hours and will continue with every new onboard.


Since this early version of IDHub, Sath has developed new and better methods for streamlining your business needs with IDHub.

We are rolling out new features every month.

Now your business has an opportunity to gain from the custom development initially designed for Fortune companies repurposed for everyone.

Experience the new and improved IDHub and what it can do for your business today.

2400 IT Hours Saved - Utility Company White Paper