OneLogin Alternative Competitor Challenge

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The OneLogin Alternative.

OneLogin Competitor Challenge, Who Wins?

OneLogin is focused on one simple task creating secure connections for your users and your applications. Unfortunately, there's a lot more to Identity Management than the initial connection. After the connection, IDHub is just getting warmed up. 

IDHub Solves Problems OneLogin Doesn't

Role Based Access Control
Multi-Tenant Capabilities
Certify Access / Access Reviews
Task Management
On-Premises Deployment
Scalable Solution

Beyond Logging-In, IDHub Does So Much More. 

Delegate User Admin Capabilities

Put the power of provisioning in the hands of the people best positioned to make the decisions, the direct managers. 

approve a request

Users Request Services They Need

Browse the Resource Catalog of Roles, Applications, and Entitlements, choose available applications, or copy a co-worker's access.

request an application

No-Code Experience Workflows

Managers plan approval processes and implement custom workflows, with no IAM experience.

manager approval workflow

How Does Onelogin Vs. IDHub Stack Up?

OneLogin does a fantastic job creating the connections for your internal users and customers to your applications and the applications they use. IDHub is focused on what happens after they connect, and what do they have access to? What can they do?

IDHub provides a full IAM platform to manage internal users' resources and privileges. We strongly believe organizations need more than just access to secure their infrastructure and maintain compliance requirements.

Primary Features

IDHub Complete IAM Platform

OneLogin Identity Authentication Solution

User Provisioning
Self-Service Access
24/7 Support
Free Trial
Ticketing System
Service Requests
Custom Workflows
Drag and Drop Workflow
Custom Forms
Bulk Application
Save and Share Lists            

Role Based Features

IDHub Complete IAM Platform

OneLogin Identity Authentication Solution

Role Based Access
Dynamic Role Attributes 

Implementation Features

IDHub Complete IAM Platform

OneLogin Identity Authentication Solution

Cloud Based SaaS
Cloud Native
Can Be Firewalled
Auto Scaling
Serverless Functions
Stream Processing
Deploys On Docker

Deploys On Kubernetes


Login Management

IDHub Complete IAM Platform

OneLogin Identity Authentication Solution

Single Sign-On Capable       
Advanced Risk Based
Authentication Capable
Advanced Risk Based
Authentication Native

Integrates with Multiple
Advanced Risk Based
Authentication Solutions


Password Management
Integrates with Multiple
Password Management
Privileged Access
Management Native
Integrates with Multiple
Privileged Access
Management Solutions

How To Switch From OneLogin?

Q: Does IDHub Replace OneLogin?

Yes, and No, IDHub is fully compatible with OneLogin. You can still use OneLogin for your Customer and User Access management. Additionally, you can improve your overall security process with IDHub Identity tools and processes.

Q: How do I manage logins without OneLogin?

IDHub integrates with leading Single Sign-On solutions. SSO products like Okta, Jumpcloud, Duo, and Ping Identity are available. Additionally, professional open-source solutions like Keycloak. can handle these tasks for you as well.

Q: How long does it take to switch from OneLogin to IDHub?

Time is money, and speed is a critical point of IDHub. We can connect to your SSO, Active Directory, HR system, or wherever you store user data and import your users within 48 hours.

Q: Will I save money switching to IDHub?

Like most Identity and authentication platforms, OneLogin does not publish pricing, so it isn't easy to know how much your migration will exactly save you daily, monthly, or annually. Our pricing is public at $72 per year per user. When you consider you will be able to eliminate managing user access levels from your IT department, that savings is often massive.

Using OneLogin With IDHub

If You Love OneLogin, Keep It, And Improve It!

OneLogin supplies a valuable service and a critical part of managing user and customer access. Although you can use any SSO solution with IDHub, OneLogin is at the top of our preferred list.

Adding IDHub to your OneLogin solution allows you to maintain your existing login functionality while giving you significantly more control of what happens after users login in.

Why settle if you love OneLogin? Manage authentication and granular user control with IDHub and OneLogin together.


Automate tasks and save IT time.