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5 Things (Or So) This Week In Identity Security And Skills

October 27th, 2021

Facebook revelations continue to paint a somewhat sinister picture of the social media behemoth. 

In addition, governments continue to push censorship on individuals from all ideologies, and cyber threats only grow more significant by the minute.

You could almost look back fondly on the days of snail mail and punch clock cards.  

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. There are lots of positive things on the horizon. 

By its admission, Facebook's grip on society seems to be dwindling. New regulations and transparency will hopefully soon be part of the social experiment.  

The war against cybercrime is making strides, and new technology will likely improve the climate far more than government agencies ever will. 

In the meantime, advances in tech and third-party SaaS partnerships are barreling ahead, drastically improving company efficiencies and costs. 

This week we cover two articles regarding the advancing SaaS industry.

In the first, TechCrunch outlines how to keep your organization safe. And, in the second, CRN discusses how using low-code/no-code tech is changing the way companies do business.

Shameless Plug:  As it happens, IDHub is an advanced Identity Management platform that both manages your third-party applications and utilizes a no-code/low-code environment. 

If you want to see more of IDHub you can check us out today at the TechCrunch 2021 SaaS Showcase!

Finally, with a name like SquirrelWaffle, you had to guess this new malware spreading varmint would make our cover this week.

However, in an effort not to besmirch the good name of these clever little bandits. I present my favorite squirrel video that is nothing short of amazing.

The Capture of Fort Knuts


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