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IAM Request Management

Business owners and managers must have an efficient process for managing all user access requests, to available organizational resources. If not, sensitive information is at risk.

In a hybrid environment, this will include all internal and 3rd-Party applications and services.

Historically, organizations used paper trails, like spreadsheets, to manage employee access, which was a time consuming nightmare.

Traditional Access Management also left many opportunities for human error, and possibly suspicious activities.

In reality, some organizations are still using spreadsheets to manage user access to critical assets.

Identity and Access Management systems, also known as IAM systems, are a modern, reliable, and nearly foolproof solution to control access to every user within an organization. 

IAM solutions manage access to software applications, third-party resources, or services that the organization uses.

IAM systems provide administrators the tools to quickly view, certify, grant, and revoke user access, and enforce organizational policies on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, IAM systems control the circumstances in which users are granted or denied privileges to those resources, helping to ensure sensitive organizational information is secure.

Service Vs. Application Requests

Application Management and Service Access Management both use a similar if not nearly identical process.

Traditionally these services have been siloed into their own systems.  We recognized these two functionalities should be combined into one, and incorporated both functionalities inside of IDHub.

Self-Service Access Requests

Self Service Access Requests allow users to request access for themselves. Some IAM systems will allow users to request access for another user. A common use case would be a manager requesting access for their subordinate.

What Do Traditional IAM Systems Do?

Traditionally, Identity Management systems assign every employee with an IAM user identity, which houses all basic personal and business related information, within the user's account profile.

Every IAM has an access request feature, allowing users to request privileged access from their account, for applications and other organizational resources. Privileged user access is then granted, after the appropriate approval process takes place.

Administrative access is a critical part of managing user access. Admin access rights provide administrators with the permissions to create access policies, which allow them to completely control privileged access management and privileged identity management, for all users.

How does IDHub Access Request?

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