Be An IAM Superhero – 4 Features Your IAM Is Missing.

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From Overwhelmed to Overachiever

Identity Management is supposed to make things easier right?  However, if Administrators are doing nearly all the work and Users are not utilizing your system regularly, regardless of your system administrator skills,  you’re missing out on untapped potential and accolades from your Users.  

Imagine a system designed with the regular end-user experience in mind. Workdays would be smoother and more efficient for Users and Administrators. 

Implementing something simpler that saves you work every day may seem like it’s cheating, but can actually enhance the Benefits of Identity Management for your company and yourself as an IAM Superhero!

 We knew we could build a system that would complement existing Identity Management systems, including the needed features, while resolving the issues we tracked, on a daily basis, from our Enterprise Clients, for years.

1. Customizable Approval Process Workflows

Every change to your business environment will likely have a different, if not custom process, to prove it effective.

Shouldn’t your IAM solution provide you with the flexibility to design your own?

IDHub does precisely that. Create your series of approval steps, on any number of your trackable Applications, Entitlements, Roles, or Services Requests.

– Do your financial applications need to be approved by a direct manager, a department manager, or an I.T. manager, and then delegated to a specific department to configure the software? That’s not a problem for IDHub.

– Do your new hires need to have their onboarding information sent to multiple departments, to perform the required steps before allocating the actual configuration to various I.T. departments to implement? Simple.

– Upon termination, does a manager need to notify multiple departments to update offboarding files and access? We do it all the time.

With IDHub, our Custom Workflows allow for an infinite number of possibilities. We designed IDHub to fit your organization, not the other way around.

2. Create Custom Field Request Forms

Very few of your access requests will need the same information.

What good is your IAM system, if you must gather information externally to complete the approval process?

With IDHub, you can design Custom Forms and fields on any number of Software Subscriptions, Applications Entitlements, Roles, or Service Requests.

– Do you have a request form for physical access to keys?

Easily create a Custom Form that lists each of your buildings, and requires the User to select the building(s) they need access to.

– Does your organization use multiple operating systems?

Some of your applications may require information like, which operating system the User is using, or what cell phone type the User has, like IOS or Android.

– Do you need a form to access your organization’s Social Media accounts?

IDHub allows you to create a Custom Form used to obtain custom information, like the User’s Facebook username. Not exactly something you want to ask for on every form.

– Does your organization check out laptops, or some other technical device, with specific proprietary features?

With our Custom Form feature, all of these situations are a cinch to set up. Even better, Managers or End-Users who understand your organization’s systems and requirements best, can set-up a Custom Form, with or without I.T. involvement.

3. Share Request Lists With Other Users

With IDHub, every User can create Custom Lists of Applications, Entitlements, and Service Requests, that can be Shared with other Users, to quickly grab all of the items needed for a specific project or job.

– Do you have a new employee who will be working in your marketing department, handling SEO?

Create a Custom List of Applications, Entitlements, Roles, and/or Service Requests the User would require: Google Analytics properties and views, Search Console, Social Media Accounts, Moz, SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc.

– Do you have a list of User requirements before going on a business trip?

IDHub’s Custom List feature can house these typical repeatable requests with ease: collect per diem, set-up a User proxy to field incoming work and emails to another User, gain access to a company VPN, etc.

– Are you an agency or business that services other clients?

It may help your process to have client-specific Custom Lists of applications that any User working on the project will need: client websites, third-party accounts, internal or external working folders, DAM or Git repositories.

– Is your software highly customized, with multiple plugins, additions, or supporting modifications?

Create a Custom List of supporting software and rights a User will need to set-up the new project.

– Do you have a list of equipment that your field workers will need for particular onsite jobs?

Create a Custom List of requestable items for anything needed on the job, like photo-shoots, disaster recovery, and I.T. support calls.

IDHub allows Departments, Managers, and Users, to create Custom Lists, which can be saved and shared with any IDHub User. Save time and eliminate the typical back and forth delays.

4. Request Multiple Items At Once

If you’re utilizing our Custom Lists, you will likely be in a position where you must make multiple requests for access to various items simultaneously.

With traditional IAM systems, this has been difficult to achieve. With IDHub, you can request all of your Applications, Entitlements, Devices, or Service Requests in a single session checkout process.

For a smooth and efficient process, IDHub allows Users to track created requests, and view the current and past steps involved with approval status.

If your request is time-sensitive, you can view the manager who has not approved, and contact him or her directly.

The Best News Of All

The developers at Sath are hard at work, implementing new and exciting features in IDHub, ultimately, making your Users’ workday easier and more efficient.

It’s a fact, when Users are happy, Administrators and Customers are happier too.

– How do you feel about your User experience in your Identity Management System?

– Will you be changing anything?

– You may have the best Identity and Access Management technology on the market, but will you use it to its full potential?

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