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We are pleased to offer our subscribers an RSAConference2024 Expo Ticket and Airbnb Experience credit.

Follow the downloadable guide according to the amount of time you want to invest, and the incentives you’d like to earn by walking through some use cases in our public version of our Identity and Access Management software, IDHub.

Each scenario has a video tutorial, so you can easily follow along in the app while the video plays, or read the step by step instructions in the guide.

Every 24 hours the public instance will refresh and default back to the original configurations of fictional data.

Login URL and Tenant Name

When you get to the tour login page, enter the tenant name below. Then login as a user from the below charts, indicated in the use case you are working on. 

Tenant name: ussenterprise

User Login Creds and Functions

Depending on the use cases you choose, you’ll need to login and logout as different types of users. Use this section to refer to login credentials for different kinds of users.


All users are End-users, who are either an employee or contractor that works for the organization and does not have any additional roles with administrator, manager or approval rights, and are able to perform the below functions:

  • Request for organizational resources like applications and permissions
  • Track their access requests
  • Add self proxies for out of office
User typeFull nameUsername loginPasswordUser’s manager
EmployeeMary DamatomarynopassSpencer Hunter
EmployeeTyler JohnsontylernopassAli Braatz





Managers are End-users that have rights to approve requests made by their direct reports, and can perform the below functions:

  • All End-user functions
  • Can be assigned tasks to approve or deny access requests and revocations for their direct reports
  • Can be assigned tasks to audit user access for access reviews for their direct reports
User typeFull nameUsername loginPasswordUser’s manager
ManagerAli BraatzalinopassSamantha Love
ManagerSpencer HunterspencernopassSamantha Love




System Administrators

A System Administrator is a user who works for the organization and has admin rights to IDHub, and able to perform the below system administration functions:

  • All End-user functions
  • All Manager functions
  • Can manage IDHub resources and admin module 
User typeFull nameUsername loginPasswordUser’s manager
System AdministratorSamantha LovejeromenopassDerrick Henry
System AdministratorDerrick HenryderricknopassDerrick Henry




Manual Fulfillers

Manual fulfillers are generally IT personnel, responsible for provisioning and deprovisioning access to user accounts after the appropriate approvals and revocation tasks have been completed. Manual fulfillers can perform the below functions:

  • All End-user functions
  • Receive manual fulfillment tasks to provision and deprovision access as needed to users
User typeFull nameUsername loginPassword
Manual FulfillerJenny McGregorjennynopass
Manual FulfillerMichael McLeanmichaelnopass




Approval Group Users

Approval Group Users are used for approving requests which have varying levels of approval. Depending how the approval process is set up, multiple people within the organization may need to approve the request before it is granted. These users can perform the following functions:

  • All End-user functions
  • All Manager functions
  • Approve requests for their specific approval group 
User typeFull nameUsername loginPassword
Approval Group 1Spencer Hunterspencernopass
Approval Group 2Liz McNallyliznopass
Approval Group 3Samantha Lovesamanthanopass


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