Women In Identity Panel


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Women In Identity Panel


Sath's previous COO Nipa Patel, took part as a panel member of this event to help further the Women In Identity's Mission.

“I was honored to be on a Panel Discussion with the US chapter of Women in Identity.” Nipa Patel


"To Inspire, elevate, and support a more diverse workforce in the digital identity industry." WiD Mission Statement

A Registered non-profit organization, Women In Identity is a membership-based collection of volunteers whose goal is to promote parity in the workplace as it relates to opportunity, value recognition, professional mobility, and rewarding careers.  

WiD's focus is to improve equality as it relates to gender, intersectionality, race, ability, ethnicity, sexual orientation/ identity, creed, and or social status. 

WiD strives to lead the way in promoting positive change in the Identity industry and creating real-world value for both the industry and its members.

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