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Managing user access to your digital systems is extremely time-consuming and critically important for your organization’s security. IDHub is a simple solution for managing your entire team, in one application.

What Is IDHub? – Video Transcript

The Challenge

Now, more than ever, businesses are dealing with a sprawling IT environment, which consists of on-prem solutions and an increasing number of SAAS applications.

Hybrid IT environments provide businesses productive and cost savings but, create challenges for IT teams to ensure speed of service, and information security of company data.

Many IT teams struggled to manage the right access for the right people to the right systems.

This is because discovering, managing, and securing access to all company resources is manual, requires a specialized skillset, and costs millions of dollars, which leads to poor cybersecurity and increased risk of data breaches.

The IDHub Solution

We believe that every business has the necessity and responsibility to know who has access to what company resources without breaking the bank.

This is why we designed IDHub to be the first-ever workforce identity management software focused on ease of use, low code maintenance, and out-of-the-box security compliance.

Discover all accounts being used and by whom so you can make informed decisions about the way company information and data are accessed.

Manage and align workforce access to employee life cycle phases, such as new hire onboarding, transfers, and terminations.

Secure your company resources through simple and streamlined workforce access authorization, access certifications, and demonstrable compliance to many industry regulations, such as NIST, HIPAA, Sox, NERC CIP, and others.

IDHub is the only workforce Identity, and Access Management software that gives IT teams the visibility and control needed to efficiently manage an ever-increasing number of workforce Identities and Access.

IDHub, ensure Right Access for Right people to Right systems.

Improve defenses and drastically cut your daily workload.