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What Does Single Pane Of Glass Mean?

Single Pane of Glass is a term used throughout the management and IT fields to describe a management tool that integrates information from numerous sources.

This dynamic solution combines many applications and resources into a single display, such as a dashboard, where all resources are readily available.

As organizations grow, they acquire more software programs to assist with daily activities, making it difficult to follow how everything relates to each other.

Having a single source helps unify the view across different systems.

This type of management display console compiles every module within an application to showcase it to an end-user from a central location.

Typically, a dashboard displays the data from varied sources inside one location, allowing for quick access to information. In addition, this dashboard is generally flexible for easy customizing.

The purpose of this single view is to showcase and consolidate data, which is easy to interpret and read, with an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), for easy navigation and actionable insight.

One single tool controls all data, and users can complete all work from one unified console.

In addition, the unified view displays all statuses and metrics, which are required to manage network infrastructure efficiently.

System administrators benefit from systems like these, as they offer improved visibility to user access.

Managing, modifying, certifying, and revoking user access to any organization resource becomes effortless with a unified interface. Additionally, they provide quick access to the information needed.

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