Sath and Exelon teaming up again for V5 transition

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Sath and Exelon

Sath and Exelon are teaming up again to address the new cybersecurity required standards

CHICAGO, January 12th, 2016-Sath, an emerging provider in IT Security, Regulatory Compliance and Managed Services Consulting, and Exelon, the nation’s leading competitive energy provider, are once again partnering with one another to protect the reliability of the Bulk Electric System by implementing the North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Version 5 standards. The partnership between the two organizations is not a new one as both worked together back in 2008 to transition Exelon to meet the NERC CIP Version 3 standards.

With the constant cyber threats organizations are facing on a daily basis cyber security standards and security measures are always evolving and the regulatory requirements organizations must meet need to adjust on occasion. The NERC CIP standards are part of the utility industry’s regulatory requirements used to promote reliability of the Bulk Electric System. These standards are in place to help utility organizations address cyber security controls.

“Today and in future wars, they will be waged by attempting to cripple and neutralize one’s adversaries’ infrastructure and economy.” Arun Binaykia, CEO of Sath. “At Sath we take pride in being on the front lines of the defense of our economy.” “We are partnering with Exelon to provide security in the spirit and the letter of the NERC Standards that will preempt all attacks but also be resilient and responsive if ever breached.”

In their partnership, Sath and Exelon, are working together to identify the best practices to implement good security policies and procedures while staying compliant with the new regulatory obligations. They are working on creating and deploying all the processes, procedures, and controls to meet the NERC CIP v5 standards. All of this is done because creating a proactive and comprehensive plan gives an organization a greater ability to minimize any potential damages that comes from a cyber incident. For an organization to be better prepared in today’s constant cyber threat climate, utility companies are required to be compliant with all programs and show discipline in their security controls.

About Sath Compliance Team Services

The Sath Compliance Team Service works with organizations facing new regulations and challenges in cybersecurity by helping prepare, implement processes and procedures and handle change management within the organization. With an extensive amount of experience and talent across many industries, Sath’s staff provides comprehensive and detailed advisory and implementation services, to help reform legacy IT security systems into up-to-date, secure and proactive cyber systems. Sath provides actionable recommendations for the development, review and approval of new policies, processes and procedures. We also support business units while they implement the new procedures through change management support. Through this support, Sath works to ensure stakeholders are adequately prepared for the upcoming changes with the transition to the VS standards. This is done by holding conferences detailing the change and the impact it will have on the organization along with on-site roadshows where we convey our role to these stakeholders and address any comments, questions, or concerns they have about the change.

About Sath Inc.

Sath is an IT Security, Consulting and Managed Services company. We help organizations implement industry leading technical and business solutions for governing, analyzing, auditing and operating on everything IT security and compliance. Sath offers world class identity management services to architect, implement and manage IT security applications. In addition, we are able to provide extensive process and application knowledge within the compliance and security field.

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