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5 Things (Or So) This Week In Identity Security And Skills

by Sath.com

October 6th, 2021

Really quick, Apache servers, Honeywell EPKS controllers, were the latest critical targets they need attention, now would work.

Oddly enough, these critical fixes are not the biggest story to hit the headlines in the last few days. Maybe you've heard?

In a stunning display of re-connection with nature, millions of people re-discovered this week that both the Sun and Moon are actually visible with the naked eye.

In totally non-related news, Instagram, Facebook, and now Twitch have all faced "minor" complications.

Speaking of outdoors, our team compiled a list of remote worker salaries for 125 of the most common tech and Cyber Security Jobs available today around the world.

If you're looking to move your desk from the corner office to the cabana, this list might be for you.

The twitch hack is ongoing, but it's safe to say if you're using the platform, now would be a good time to change your password.

And of course, the world essentially stood still, for six wonderful hours due to the facebook blackout. There were tears, there was joy, and then, it all came back.

The explanation provided by Facebook was met with mixed reviews, which of course, included some wild conspiracy theories.

Considering the timing of the outage, and the recent Facebook whistleblower incident, it's not surprising.

And, when you mix that with our government's less than technical comprehension of terms like "finsta", The FB will undoubtedly face some additional questions from officials in the coming days and weeks.

But of course, what good would the compromising position of a global tech power be without some comedy relief, which the internet was sure to provide.

I present the best memes of the Facebook blackout 2021.


My favorite says it all…


Be careful out there!

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