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5 Things (Or So) This Week In Identity Security And Skills

September 28st, 2021

It's been a busy couple of days in the world of Cyberthreats. If you're not on top of the latest issues, you have a full week ahead.


FoggyWeb, might make an excellent name for an IT BlueGrass band, but as it stands, it's a nasty backdoor exploit that is sure to cause problems.

On top of that, systems utilizing vCenter or Nagios, this is the part where I encourage you to save this email for later and make sure your systems are on point.


With a name like BloodyStealer, I have to assume they are a different team than the folks that came up with FoggyWeb, none the less, Gamers around the world are not having a great day and should implement 2FA pronto. Hopefully, that's one good thing that will come out of this.


And what would a newsletter be without an occasional two-for-one advertisement? Ok, so we're not advertising it, but someone is and decided to take the route of combining Clubhouse and Facebook data to list 3.8 Billion (with a B) pieces of user data for a bargain price.


I wonder if Facebook is more concerned about the compromised user data, or that national articles feature Clubhouse in the same shared headline with them?


Finally, for all you crypto enthusiasts out there who are still searching for the right system (present company included), the answer might not be in that $99/mo newsletter, but rather for $12.99 at your local PetSmart.


Meet the amazing, crypto wizard hamster, Mr. Goxx.


Be Careful Out There!


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