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5 Things (Or So) This Week In Identity Security And Skills

September 21st, 2021

Apparently, cybercriminals are not much for following rules. Who knew?

Three short months ago, U.S. President Biden provided a list to Russia of specific industries that he felt should be off-limits for cyberattacks, including food and agriculture.

Following Monday's attack on an Iowa-based grain cooperative and a demand for $5.9million to restore their data, one would have to ask, are the hackers defying Biden or Putin?

According to the BlackMatter hacking group's ethics code, this attack does not qualify as an off-limits industry. So, perhaps they're upset for not being invited to the negotiations?

For some positive government news, European law enforcement has taken out a central crime ring with a long resume of nefarious specialties; one down, a whole lot more to go.

In addition, back in the states, the FTC has passed new policies to aggressively penalize health-related applications that intentionally or unintentionally expose user data. If you thought the hackers were destructive, wait till you get the government's demand letters.

Notwithstanding a breakthrough in data security around the corner, I have to wonder if soon all of our inboxes will be packed with our daily supply of "your data has been compromised" notifications?

Speaking of leaked information you'd rather keep private, Facebook has responded to the critical Wall Street Journal investigation.

Unfortunately, their response raises more questions than it answers. The top question might be something like, "Are you going to change anything now?" *Magic 8 ball says, "Not Likely".

Finally, from one of my favorite science and technology journals, the folks over at have documented a new effort at battling climate change.

Although this might not ever be the most impactful solution, you have to credit these New Zealand scientists for thinking outside the box, by creating a giant litter box?


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