You Thought Junk Email Was Bad? & The Largest DDOS Attack Ever?

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August 24th, 2021

It's good to be back home! I can confirm that a week with no wifi, and fresh river air in the woods will do wonders to recharge your batteries. Unfortunately, it seems the cybercrime world does not take time off.

Just this week, the most significant DDOS attack ever was carried out (17.2 Million requests-per-second).  The 38 Million (so far) private records that Microsoft leaked this week are not a record (Yahoo holds that record with three billion exposed records).

Quite possibly more concerning than the leak itself were Microsoft's initial responses, first calling the issue "by design" while simultaneously notifying their Govt customers of their newly discovered "feature."  All seems to have ended well as Microsoft has rolled out a new portal checker tool and modified their assessment to “user error?”

On another note, scammers have discovered that they can persuade disgruntled employees to install ransomware for them.   The big question is, does this mean that improved security policies have made it more challenging to gain access? Or, is the industry so lucrative it's attracting new unskilled actors who are skipping the difficult part of actually hacking systems?  Where can you answer that question?

Glad you asked!  If you want to share your opinion, you can leave a message in our brand new "5 things section" at

And Finally, this week's bonus is a hack story that was bound to happen. I think this hack will be creating fun stories (and pictures) for the foreseeable future. Cloud Bug Allows anyone to print on anyone's 3D Printer.  Just imagine walking into your office and seeing this little beauty magically sitting under your 3D Printer? Would you scan it?

Be careful out there!

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