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5 Things (Or So) This Week In Identity Security And Skills

August 4, 2021

It seems like I just watched Kong Vs. Godzilla, but now another battle of the titans is brewing as Russia and China trade technical jabs at each other's data and infrastructure. Time for the popcorn. 

A slew of new phishing strategies have popped up this past week. But, then, just when you thought they were running out of ideas, the geniuses behind human hacking are at it again, with the usual great success. 

If you haven't been able to convince people of the Dangers of Public Wi-fi. The NSA has finally stepped up to chime in. I think if we just made the first season of Mr. Robot Required Training for any new job, we'd solve 90% of these issues. 

And, (for all of you secretly waiting for the robots to take over ) the FDA has approved what could be called cyborg testing on humans. 

Finally, in a related and somewhat creepy cyborg / artificial life bonus, it seems moms and dads may soon no longer be needed. 

Scientists Create Mice 100% From Stem Cells and Goo

Be careful out there!

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