Create And Disable Email Templates - Video

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IDHub allows Administrators to quickly create and disable email templates, in a few simple steps. Learn how in this short video.

Once email configuration has been completed, use email templates to create dynamic automated emails, triggered within custom workflows.

Edit & Disable Email Templates – Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to IDHub. In this video, I’ll show you how to Create a New Email Template.

We’ll go ahead and login with our organization name, and then we’ll login as a System Administrator, Charles. As a System Administrator, and only System Admins and Access Managers, have permissions to create a new Email Template. And I will say that Email Templates can be used and integrated, once your email has been configured into IDHub. So that being said, we’ll assume that has been done.

To access that, we just click on this “Email Templates” button from our Admin Dashboard here. That’ll bring us to the “Email Templates” page, where we house all of our active, disabled, and draft Email Templates. You could filter by those three categories here. You could search up top for a specific Email Template, and you can remove Email Templates easily. You can disable Email Templates, and edit Email Templates as well.

To create a new Email Template, we’ll go ahead and click on this, “Create New” button. What’s great about IDHub, is that for all of the Administrator Functions, we have Wizards that will help get you through that particular function, like on-boarding a new Application, or creating a new User, or in this case, setting up a new Email Template. So, you can move through this tour, and it’ll tell you what to do, every step of the way. So we’ll go ahead and close that and get started here.

So, this particular email is going to be a template for anyone who is added to the Marketing Team through a promotion. Okay, so we’re going to name this “Marketing Team Promotion Email”. This is going to be an email, which is sent when a current employee is promoted to the Marketing Department. And for the sake of making this a quick video, I’ve already written up an email. “Hello”, we’re going to add a parameter, which is going to be the “Beneficiary’s First Name”, the beneficiary being the person who got promoted. So:

“Hello, [first name],
Welcome to Sath Marketing Team, and congratulations on your promotion!
Below are all marketing personnel and their contact info. Reach out if you have any questions…”

I forgot to add people, so we’re going to add Jenny Smith, [email protected], and Luke Blue. “We look forward to working with you.” So here is our email. As you can see, like I said, you can add parameters to customize your email. You could also add, you know, different text editors with this toolbox up here. So there are a lot of things you could do; add links, images, videos, things like that. So what’s also great about this is, once you have your email ready to go, oh my subject line, all right, and then, I can also add a parameter there. Awesome. So there’s my email.

So if we’re going to, we could preview it by clicking on the “Preview” tab here, and to activate, you simply click the “Activate” button. You have a little pop up here that tells you that your Email Template has been successfully created and, and we can search it. And it’s right here. Here’s our wonderful email template. If it’s been used, if it’s been sent out to any users, you’ll have those logs listed here. And to show you an example of that, I wonder if I could find one with some logs. There we go. So here are some logs. So it looks like Jerome, you know, logged in a new certification request on these days, these times. So this email template feature is really neat. A lot you can do with it.

I’ll go ahead and show you how to disable the one we just created. So we’ll just click on “Disable”, and now it’s in a disabled status. And if we click our filters and use disabled, we can see that it filters appropriately as well.

So that really sums up how to create a new Email Template video. Thank you so much for watching and I encourage you to watch some of our other informative videos on how to move through these Administrator Functions here. Thank you so much and have a beautiful day. Take care.

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