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IDHub allows System Admins and Access Managers to quickly create Custom Forms, used for Application and Service Request on-boarding, in a few simple steps. Learn how in this short video.

Use Custom Forms, which are tailored to Applications and Service Requests, to collect information needed for approving requests within your organization.

Create Custom Forms – Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to IDHub. In this video, I’ll show you how to create a new Custom Form.

To begin, let’s login with our organization name. Then we’ll go ahead and login as Charles, who is a System Administrator. Only System Administrators and Access Managers have permissions to create new Custom Forms. So Custom Forms are tailored to Service Requests and Applications, with many fielding options available. Forms are created and then attached to Service Requests or Applications, requiring the User to complete the form as part of the request process.

So, a little backstory on it would be, if we look at our Service Requests, and we look at a particular one called “Create a New User”, we can see this Service Request here, with the basic details of what the Service Request is. There is a form here attached, and we could see that the form houses basic information on the new User that’s going to be created; their contact information, their address, and location of their home and their office, and any HR information available.

So all of this information here was actually a form that was created to go along with the Service Request. So again, here’s the Service Request, “Create a New User”. Then if we go into our forms, we can see that Create a New User form. If we open that form up, we can see again, all the information that has been created and added to this form. So that way, when anyone requests to Create a New User, this form automatically populates within that Service Request, and it’s used to obtain information about this new user. So if we wanted to create a new form, we would go into our “Custom Forms” tab, and then we would click on this create form.

So we have all these “Wizards” that populate while moving through these Administrator Functions, which is a really great tool. So as you’re moving through this on your own, you can start this Tour, and our Wizard will take you through all the steps through this process, as well as any other Administrative Functions.

So moving on, the first thing we want to do is give this form a name. So I’m creating a form called “Key Card Access Form”, and this form is going to be used for anyone who wants to request access to different buildings; they’ll need key card access. So this form is going to help us obtain that information. So the description would be to “complete this form while requesting key card access”. And so if I had a generic form that was already created, we could select that form right here. I’ll just show you the “Create New User Form” or “Create User Form”. So if we wanted to use that form as a base for this new form, we could select it here, and then it would populate all of those inputs and information within the form, and we could just edit from there, but in this case, I’m going to create a whole new form.

And so to begin, we have our first group here that has already populated. Okay, we’re going to name this “Key Card Access Details”. And then below this, we’ll have, we’ll add some of these inputs here that are going to be used to collect the information we need to provide key card access to the beneficiary. So, first off I will add a “Select User” input. So “Who is this key-card for?” We’ll need a “User Name”. So I could select a ”Role” to say, okay, who is this key card for, an Access Manager, a System Administrator, a Marketing Manager. But in this case, I’m going to say “User”. So this will populate all the users within IDHub, so that it’s required, so that when the beneficiary goes in and requests this Key Card Access, they could select themselves, or if they’re requesting on behalf of someone else, they could select another User.

So moving on, we’re going to add a date; when do you need key card access by? This also needs to be required. Now I’ll do a drop-down for, which buildings do you need Key Card Access to? So everyone has access to building 1, but there are three buildings, 2, 1, and 3. So we’re going to say, building three, building two and three, we’ll make this required as well. So this would be a drop-down for the beneficiary to select which buildings they need access to next.

We’re going to add a static text, “Key Card Access Disclaimer”, and I have already created a quick disclaimer here that I’m going to input. I’m going to add one more drop-down input called “Disclaimer Agreement”. And so this is their options for agreeing or disagreeing, or needing more information about this disclaimer.

And so now that we’ve added all of our inputs.  I’ll go ahead and preview this form, and we can see here, our Key Card Access Form, complete this form; one requesting key card access, key card access details, who is this card, and we can select our user. “When do you need this card ?” We can select our date. “What buildings do you need access to?” We can select our buildings, and we can agree to the disclaimer. Okay, so this form looks great. We’re going to submit this form.

Okay, our form has been submitted successfully. And so now, we can scroll down and we should be able to see our Key Card Access Form right here. We could also search it up here. If we had, you know, a thousand forms, it’s easily searchable, we can click on it and see all these details here.

This would be how to create a key, how to Create a Custom Form. If we wanted to Create a Service Request to go along with this form, we could easily just create a Service Request right here.

Here’s our Wizard again. So if we wanted to Create a Service Request, now we can Create a Key Card Access Service Request, and we can attach this Key Card Access Form here, and we could add our Approval Workflow here. We make it requestable, and then I could create this. When creating a new Service Request, it requires approval from an Access Manager. So Charles, as a System Administrator, now he’ll need approval from an Access Manager to get this Key Card Access Service Request created, but I showed you how to Create the Custom Form.

I have other videos on how to Create Service Requests. So, I encourage you to check out that other video, and it gives you a full view of how to Create a New Service Request and attach to the Custom Form along with it.

So, thank you so much for watching this, how to Create a Custom Form video. I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks again for watching. Take care.

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