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Certification Workflow

This workflow can be used by you in case of creating the certification definition for access reviews.

How To Access the Certification Workflow

  • Go to ‘Workflow' in the Admin Module of IDHub using the credentials of a user that has the role of 'System Administrator' with them.
  • You will see the certification workflow in the workflow page.

How to view/edit the Certification Workflow

  • Click on the edit (pencil icon) on the certification Workflow card from the Workflow page.

How the Certification Workflow works

  • The certification workflow starts with the State Node (Request Submitted)
  • Start Node (Action node) is the 2nd node, which states that the request workflow has been started

In the next step request workflow will check, whether there is a cert approver or not.

In case there is a cert approver

  • Approval required condition node is provided
  • Create Task operation node is used for Cert Approver Task
  • Request will be now waiting for approval
  • Request goes to the cert approver for approval.
  • Create Task operation node is provided.
  • Now the request is waiting for the Manager to take action on the task generated. Waiting For approval state node is put here to denote the state of the request.

In case of Rejection flow:

  • Request Completed state node to denote that the request is completed.

In case of Approval Flow:

  • Request goes to the next step and Cert Task is created. This is done by providing the create task node for the cert task.

In case there is no cert approver

  • The request goes directly to Cert Task operation node.
  • Request will be now Waiting for the Certification, therefore state node is used for this.

  • Certifier will no complete the cert task. Complete Certification action node is provided for the same.

  • Next the request will be completed, with Request Completed state node.