How Does IDHub Compare To Other IAM Systems?

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Manager, Access Control

Administrators can hand off control of all requests for access or entitlements to application owners and managers.

Empower your managers with daily decisions, updates, and changes, helping take the burden off large and small IT departments.

Identity Access Control
IAM Roles

Instant Role Updates

Any change to a user’s role will trigger IDHub to automatically
grant and revoke all appropriate access, rights, and permissions
associated with each of the roles.

Termination Response

Every user is assigned a proxy user, which will take on that user’s
responsibilities immediately, in the event of a sudden change in employment.

Additionally, scheduled audits can be implemented to continuously scan for user employment status and access, for a specific user, or groups of users, on any schedule you determine.

IAM termination
service request management

Service Request Management System

This customizable service request management system provides users the ability to request office equipment, IAM user changes, maintenance, or any other task or service needed.

Create Shareable Lists

Any active requestable resource, or collection of resources, can be saved to a shareable access request list, and then shared with other users.

With a simple click, request lists can be quickly added to a new request by the list creator, and/or the list receiver.

Identity Management Groups
identity management workflows

Drag and Drop Workflow Creation

Administrators, managers, and application owners can design
their own simple, or complex processes and workflows; no coding is required.

Customized Certifications

Automatically certify user access by user or resource, once, or on a scheduled timely basis.

Use conditional rule queries to target highly specific scenarios, or certify high risk users according to your configured rules, or use the out-of-the-box high risk filters.

access certifications
IAM Scheduler

Scheduled Actions

Schedule automatic certifications, reconciliations, audits, custom
workflows, or reminder emails for unfulfilled tasks, or any other
customized notification needed.

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