The United States elected a new President last week and with that comes the speculation of change. What will the President-Elect change and what kind of impact will that change have? One of the areas that has many people on the edge of their seat is the changes to technology and the Internet. All during his campaign run, Donald Trump, never spelled out his plan for the future of technology and cybersecurity. His only claim was that he is going to do things and make changes. With this it has led many to speculate on some major issues that could see some change:
  1. Net Neutrality
With President Obama enacting net neutrality back in 2008, meaning all Internet traffic is treated equally, many feel this is something that Donald Trump could look to eliminate. Trump is currently not a supporter of many regulations enforced by the FCC. He has in the past talked about how he did not agree with net neutrality. It is believed that Donald Trump could loosen the regulations around telecom that would benefit the providers and not the Internet companies.
  1. Cybersecurity
President-Elect Trump has been very vague on his stance when it comes to cybersecurity. The direction of the cybersecurity for the country will depend on the representatives Trump elects. His initial list of potential cabinet members did not have many people on it that would be greatly qualified to handle this issue. This could result in more cybersecurity related issues being over looked or even worse being mishandled as the representative is not qualified to manage this.
He downplayed the alleged hacking by Russia of the Democratic National Committee but was very vocal that Apple should have unlocked the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter. He went as far as telling people to boycott Apple products unless they unlocked the phone. He has stated that there should be a review of US cyber defenses by a special Cyber Review Team.
  1. Science and STEM education
With Donald Trump’s economic agenda being speculated to cause huge deficits that could lead Congress to have to trim budgets in many areas. One of those areas, many believe, would be in the funding of science programs and education. This would work against the tech industry that has been pushing for more funding in these areas to create a stronger more knowledgeable student who is more readily able for these jobs.
Trump has also made promises to areas that produce coal and oil, saying the US dependence on these fuels needs to be more and come from the US. This would lead to a reduced budget for government sponsored alternative fuel sources, like wind, water and sun.
  1. Tax Policy
The one area that could benefit the tech industry would be Trump’s plan to lower corporate tax rates. This is in the hopes that it would encourage these companies to reinvest their money in their company and in the United States. This tax break is in hopes that these companies would funnel that money into hiring more US employees and performing more manufacturing services here in the US to create more jobs.
These are a few of the areas that could see some major change that could have a giant impact on those in the technology world. Without a clear stance from President-Elect no one really knows what the future holds but everyone is very anxious to see what happens.