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Mar 11, 2022 | Content Data

Servicing Cyber Security Clients For Over 20 Years.

Identity Governance

Protect your business, maintain compliance.

  • Access Review
    View and certify user access how it was granted, and generate reports via schedule, or on-demand.
  • Approval Processes
    Customize workflow steps for application, entitlement, or role requests, grants or revocations. Modify in real time.
  • Role Based Access
    Create groups of applications and rights. Use conditions to provision and deprovision role access automatically.
  • Workflows
    Build a custom solution for any scenario, process, access, or privilege your business needs. Update on the fly.
  • Automate
    Streamline all your processes that typically require dedicated IT support time and effort.
  • Remove Access Instantly
    De-provision users in one click, or conditionally restrict access based on any specific changes you determine.

New Hire Onboarding In Minutes

Birthright access, using your existing HR system.

  • HR Systems Integration 
    Onboard new users, and instantly grant basic access.
  • Request Additional Roles
    A shopping cart experience for additional access.

Zero To AD In 30 Minutes

What is a typical timeframe for connecting 5000 AD users?

"The usual time to connect Active Directory to an IAM system is 3-4 weeks."
~20+ Year Enterprise Identity Architect

With IDHub, a person can load 100% of accounts, with all entitlements, in less than 30 minutes.

Collaborate On Security

Ease of use increases adoption. Increased adoption, increases your entire security posture.

  • Group Approvals
    Approve access requests faster with assigned approver roles for designated users.
  • Webhooks And APIs
    Automatically trigger new subscriptions or cancellations to 3rd party applications.
  • Actionable Notifications
    Customize emails and tasks. Automate sending, based on any predefined trigger.
  • Trigger Based Rules
    Provision and deprovision roles and access, when user attributes change.
  • Drag And Drop Workflows
    Build the processes you want, without code or IAM technical experience.


Goodbye spreadsheets, hello workflows.

  • Targeted Access Certifications
    Use custom queries to target specific users, or groups of users, and certify their access.
  • Schedule Certifications
    Create certifications based on a timeline to maintain regulatory compliance.
  • Triggered Certifications
    Automate certifications to run when user roles or attributes change.
  • De-Provision During Certifications
    Remove user access with a single click, during access certification reviews.

Why does everyone need Identity Management?

The first rule of security is knowing how many doors you have, and who has the keys.
~Arun Binaykia

  • Know who has access to what
  • Remove access quickly when needed
  • Increase business productivity
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance

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