IT Security Compliance

Attain and Sustain Compliance

Sath works with organizations to attain and sustain being compliant with regulatory bodies such as: FINRA, HIPAA, ISO, PCI DSS, SOX, NERC CIP and GDPR Cybersecurity Standards. Our unique approach focuses on the continuous improvement of people, processes and organizational security. This is achieved by creating standard and repeatable processes to not only maintain but sustain Cybersecurity Compliance for the long term.

Enabling Enterprise Cybersecurity

Ensuring regulatory compliance, establishing effective governance framework, heightening cybersecurity awareness and establishing effective processes for incident reporting and documentation.

How It Works

Sath provides IT cybersecurity consulting services to organizations that allow them to attain and sustain compliance to the ever changing cybersecurity standards and requirements. Our services are uniquely designed to align with any compliance program. Additionally, our service delivery is based on industry best practices such as: NIST, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), COBIT, and any other IT Management framework. Lastly, our services are uniquely crafted and delivered to every client to meet their specific needs and overcome their challenges.

  • Process Automation
  • Software Development
  • Training
  • Support

Our Expertise Include

Program Management & Governance
Project Management
Evidence Collection
Audit Preparation
Assessment and Alignment
Remediation Services
Access Control Remediation Support
Monitoring and Tracking
Compliance Training

How It’s Implemented

We offer all our clients individualized solutions to meet their specific regulatory compliance needs. We accomplish this through our suite of services that include:

  • Assessment and Alignment: Helps establish a governance framework, processes, policies, increased cybersecurity awareness and assessment initiatives
  • Remediation Services: Assists with Self-Certification and Audit Development, Self-Reporting and Mitigation Plan
  • Access Control Remediation Services: Develop Access Control (Physical and Electronic) Remediation Support and Evidence Development and/or Collection Support
  • Long-Term Sustainable Services: These are a set of services that will aid the monitoring and tracking of our client’s overall compliance program and institute continuous improvement

Our Methodology Makes Us Different

Program Management & Governance

A vital ingredient of the Sath Service Leadership and Governance solution is our Assessment and Alignment service. This enhances our client’s compliance and governance capabilities. The key components include:

  • Program governance framework review: Existing roles and responsibilities designated for compliance and recommendations to the existing Governance Frameworks
  • Process (standards and requirements) assessment: Review existing policies, processes and procedures documented in support for compliance. Our comprehensive approach to process assessment spans across multiple standards and requirements
  • Cybersecurity awareness and training program assessment: Cybersecurity awareness and training materials and assessment for compliance gaps
  • Electronic access control compliance and vulnerability Assessment: Procedural and technical controls in place for meeting electronic access control standards and requirements
  • Physical security compliance assessment: Policies, processes and procedures for physical security, walk-down of physical security perimeters and evidence review
Project Management
  • Development of project scope, schedule and budget estimates
  • Resource plan review
  • Issue and risk management
  • Status reporting to internal and external stakeholders
  • Compliance Tool Selection Support (RFI and RFP development)
  • Web-based compliance program management tool
  • Compliance program governance framework
  • Policy, process, and procedure guides
  • Compliance program management tools – (Compliance calendar, evidence collection tool set)
  • Physical security compliance assessment: Policy, processes and procedures for physical security, walk-down of physical security perimeters and evidence review
  • Access control (physical and electronic) remediation support
  • Evidence development and/or collection support
  • TFE review and update support