We provide a variety of IT security services for businesses.

Here’s a glimpse at what we offer.


Identity Management, Access Management, Federation, Security Incident Event Management, Log Aggregation, Incident Management, Data Loss Prevention, Configuration and Change Management

Process Improvement

NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection V5, PCI Data Security Standard, HIPAA, Asset Classification and Attestation, Network security Audit, Compliance Audit Support, Evidence Collection and Catalog.


Managed IT Security Projects

Enterprise Security Applications, Identity and Access Management Systems, Data Loss Prevention, Log Aggregation, 24/7 Application Monitoring.

IT Security Training

NetIQ Identity & Access Management, Oracle Identity Management, IT Security Fundamentals, Information Security Fundamentals, Installation, Configuration and OOB features, Provisioning, Roles and Resources, Entitlements, Workflows, SAML, SSO, Open AUTH, Assessment Process, IT Security Models, Regulatory Requirements, Audit, Vulnerability test and management, Security Program Management.

What we do for Businesses

Arun Binaykia, our co-founder and CEO, started out with one idea “Making IT Simple”. A “Simpler IT” is something where technology works for us instead us working for technology. Sath has grown from the quest of building that “Simple IT”.

Since our inception we have taken the niche of making IT security simple. With all our technologies—from Identity Management to Compliance Management to Managed Services — our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to build and maintain the integrity, confidentially and availability of your information systems. This means making IT security smarter and faster so it can understand who, what, where and why your users are allowed onto the network and into applications. It means always knowing where your assets are, who to let in and who to lock out. It also means enabling your business units to expand their services while maintaining organizational security objectives and staying compliant with regulatory requirements. This means we make our solutions work intuitively so that you can provide self service, approvals, evidence and compliance. Also making sure we reduce time to on-board a new user and ensure revoking access instantly when a user is off-boarded.

Above all, it means making our services work better so that our clients can spend their time on what makes them great—like curing diseases, designing the next fashion craze, serving up culinary masterpieces or helping the DIYer improve their home.

We are not perfect but we always working towards it by making our services better for you.

I think computer viruses should count as life. I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We’ve created life in our own image.

Stephen Hawking

What we do Better

A great craftsman knows how to handle their tools well. They choose the best tools for the job. We take this to heart in knowing our tools and projects inside and out. When we work with a product to provide a solution we train ourselves to use it well. We hire and train our staff with strong fundamentals and instill a problem solving attitude. We dive deep into the project to tear it down and then build it up bigger and stronger. We are programmers and engineers at heart who are are always working to get better and deliver better services.

We maintain a Center Of Excellence for all the solutions that we provide. Our lab houses a model implementation of Identity Management, Access Management, Security Identity & Event Management tools, with Cloud Integration, High Availability, Load Balancing, Monitoring and Disaster Plans. We maintain an fully functional environment mimicking our flagship implementation, with 500,000 user accounts, 2 data-centers at the opposite ends of the globe, 5 languages, 10 connected systems and 15 different workflows, RBAC and reporting.

Our IT Process Improvement team maintains a library of processes that are used for Project Management, Compliance Management, Security Management, Configuration Management among other things. All of our staff are or are on the path to be ITIL trained and certified. We take our experiences and build a knowledge base to be used, reused and improved for future use.

We have in house implementation for the leading collaboration software, task tracking, issue tracking, continuous integration and continuous testing software. We typically provide our client’s staff and project managers access to our internal tools and processes to provide a high degree of collaboration and transparency across projects.

The unique combination of skill of implementation, process improvement and managed services gives us an unique edge in the IT services industry. It also gives us the skills to solve real world challenges with the best tools and abilities to deliver the best results possible for our clients.

We welcome you to ask us more about of our Center Of Excellence, implementations, methodologies and infrastructure.

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