Remote IT & Cybersecurity Jobs: 125 High Paying Salaries For 2022

Oct 5, 2021 | Blog

70% of full-time workers in the U.S. are working remotely during COVID-19


of people are the same, or more productive working remotely


of people report working more hours remotely


of tech employers now say the shift has been more productive

Most Common Remote IT Jobs (avg. Salary)


DevOps Engineer


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Site Engineer


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Pen Tester


people light yellow infographic

Cyber Security Analyst


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Data Scientist


Remote Engineer Salary By Residence (avg. Salary)
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average tech remote salaries


Of Remote Workers
Reported Reduced Stress & A More Balanced Life.

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Highest & Lowest Paying Remote Jobs (avg. Salary)
high and low pay

Remote Employees Avg. Saving $3k per/yr and 40 min. travel time per day

Remote Pay By Country vs. United States
Same Title & Experience, Business & Employee In Same Country
Tech Pay vs USA

Available Data For Full Time U.S. Based
U.S. Company Remote Tech Salaries

Application Security Engineer$65,000 $108,000
Automation Engineer$72,000 $127,000
Azure Cloud Engineer $100,000
Azure DevOps Engineer $160,000
Brand Designer $120,000
Business Data Analyst $135,000
Business Intelligence Analyst $100,000
Business Operations Manager $162,500
Chief Information Security Officer $240,000$104,000
Cloud Architect $140,000$140,000$260,000
Cloud DevOps Engineer$78,000$110,000$140,000
Cloud Engineer$62,000$95,000$140,000
Cloud Infrastructure Architect $190,000
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer$95,000 $145,000
Cloud Operations Engineer$87,000 $140,000
Cloud Platform Engineer $135,000
Cloud Security Architect $205,000
Cloud Security Engineer $82,000
Computer Vision Software Engineer$70,000
Customer Marketing Manager $95,000
Customer Success Manager $105,100
Customer Support Specialist $83,000
Cyber Security Analyst$63,700$75,000$98,000
Cyber Security Architect $123,000
Cyber Security Engineer$75,000$85,000$132,000
Cyber Security Researcher $275,000
Cyber Security Specialist $146,000
Cyber Threat Analyst $72,000$140,000
Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst$77,000 $108,000
Cybersecurity Analyst$65,000$92,000
Cybersecurity Engineer$75,000$65,000$125,000
Data Analyst$72,000$80,000$200,000
Data Analytics Manager $140,000
Data Architect $180,000
Data Engineer$72,500$106,000$115,000
Data Engineering Manager $174,000
Data Science Consultant$90,000 $175,000
Data Science Manager $174,000
Data Scientist$90,000$105,000$165,000
Data Specialist $165,000
DevOps Architect $145,000$160,000$220,000
DevOps Automation Engineer $120,000
DevOps Consultant$85,000$100,000
DevOps Engineer$50,000$75,000$106,000
DevOps Infrastructure Engineer $163,000
DevOps Manager $100,000$100,000$150,000
DevOps Team Lead $87,500$145,000
DevSecOps Engineer$77,750 $140,000$160,000
Digital Forensics Analyst $125,000
Director of Data Engineering $200,000
Director of Data Science $325,000
Director of Infrastructure $116,000$225,000
Director of Product Design $231,700
Ethical Hacker$119,000 $150,000
Executive Assistant $99,200
Financial Data Analyst $450,000
Full Stack Developer $158,000
Full Stack Software Engineer $150,000
Growth Marketing Manager $126,000
Head of Security $187,000
HR Business Partner $58,000
IAM Engineer $115,000
Incident Response Analyst$66,000$100,000
Information Security Analyst$60,000$82,700
Information Security Architect $170,000
Information Security Engineer $80,000$120,000
Information Security Manager $105,000$100,000$169,781
Information Security Officer $122,750
Information Security Specialist $72,000$170,000
Information Systems Security Engineer $200,000
Infrastructure Architect $118,000
Infrastructure Engineer $72,000$130,000
Infrastructure Python Developer$74,000
iOS Engineer $136,800
IT DevOps Engineer $140,000$125,000
Lead Data Analyst $87,000
Lead Data Scientist $190,000
Lead DevOps Engineer $105,000
Lead Information Security Engineer $130,000
Lead Platform Engineer $162,000
Lead Security Engineer $180,000
Lead Site Reliability Engineer $130,000
Lead UX Designer$80,000
Machine Learning Engineer $200,000
Machine Learning Infrastructure Engineer $195,000
Manager of DevOps & Engineering Infrastructure $308,781
ML Engineer $256,000
Network Deployment Engineer $130,000
Offensive Security Engineer $110,000
Penetration Tester$78,000$80,000$133,000
Penetration Testing Engineer $127,000$126,000
Platform Engineer$126,000$100,000$135,000
Platform Engineering Manager $189,750
Principal Cloud Architect $153,000$200,000
Principal Cloud Security Engineer $130,000
Principal Data Analyst $170,000
Principal Data Engineer $185,000$600,000
Principal Data Scientist $151,000$235,000
Principal DevOps Engineer $145,000$103,000
Principal Product Designer $180,000
Principal Security Engineer $175,000
Principal Site Reliability Engineer $95,000
Product Designer $105,000$140,000
Product Manager $125,000$173,200
Product Security Engineer $120,000
Project Manager $82,000
Recruiting Manager $52,000
Security Analyst$48,000$115,000$105,000
Security Engineer $80,000$106,000
Security Incident Response Engineer $260,000
Security Officer 3 $148,000
Site Reliability Engineer$74,000$85,000$100,000
Site Reliability Engineering Manager $143,000
SOC Analyst$60,000$75,000
Software Engineer $128,400$121,000
Software Engineering Manager $240,000
Software Security Engineer $180,000
Staff Application Security Engineer $180,000
Staff DevOps Engineer $180,000
Staff Platform Engineer $191,000
Staff Product Designer $135,000
Staff Security Engineer $450,000
Technical Project Manager$60,000
UX Designer $160,000
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