Our Values

I want to take a moment to talk about our cultures and values. We believe our culture will differentiate us from our competitors. This a critical asset as we manage through both the opportunities and challenges of our continued growth. I am publishing a statement of our culture and values that is to be a constant guide and reference point in everything we do at Sath.

– Arun Binaykia

We avoid using the term “I”. This is a culture of “We”.

“I” is exclusively used to admit screw ups.

The Sath Team

This is not a bureaucratic organization.

This is a do-ocracy. Found a problem, find a solution. You will be recognized for it.

We care obsessively about the quality of our work we do.

We take extreme pride in our work, it reflects who we are. We are constantly asking – Is this the best we can do?

We hire passionate, smart, optimistic people who align with goals of the company.

We care obsessively about what we do for ourselves and our customers.

We communicate clearly and directly face to face.

There are no “cover your ass” memo.

We do not tolerate internal politics.

We are rational, reasonable and empathetic people who attempt to reason at the highest level of quality in a fair minded manner.

We are critical thinkers.

We think for ourselves, we challenge the status quo, we ask why and why not, we understand what we do.

We are responsible.

We are responsible to ourselves, responsible to our team, responsible to our customer.

We are humble and We are hungry.

There is always another competitor waiting to do it better than We do. Complacency is our enemy.

No one is indispensable.

This is a Diva Free Zone. There are no superheros.