Our Interview Process

Here at Sath we always looking for the passionate and driven individuals who exude confidence in what they do. In effort to help you show us the real you and to help you relax during the interview process we have broken down how our interview process goes and what you can expect each step of the way.

Here are some additional interview tips.



Pre-Application Research

This is where your career search begins. In conducting your career search you come across all the open positions Sath offers. You then begin researching into Sath itself. Heading to Sath’s website and seeing what Sath is really about and figuring out exactly what it is Sath does and offers. Besides looking at the website you also check Sath’s social presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
While doing your research on Sath you begin to see if who you are could be a possible fit with Sath and if your skills match up with the position you would like to apply for. To see if your values align with Sath’s take a look at Our Values Page.


After all the research has been conducted on  Sath and also on your belief to fit in with Sath and abilities to preform the position you want to apply for comes the actual application process. At Sath.careers you will find all the current openings within Sath. You will click on the position that best fits your skills and fill out the application associated with it.
Once the application has been submitted and has been looked over thoroughly by Sath’s hiring manager you will receive a response within 5 business days.

Phone Interview

After the application has been submitted and looked over a phone interview is scheduled. Once the phone interview has been set, you will be given a call in number to which will be called on at the agreed upon time and date. What you can expect to be covered during this 15-20 minute discussion is:

  • You will get a chance to pitch yourself and your skills.
  • Any questions you have about the position.
  • Any general questions you may have about Sath.

Once the phone interview has been completed Sath will conduct an evaluation on you and your skills. Within 1 week you will receive a response.

Face to Face

After the phone interview and evaluation has been completed the next step is the face to face interview. Here you will be asked to come into the Sath office. The face to face interview is approximately a 3 hour process broken down into 3 segments, accommodations can be made if more or less time is needed:

  • A sit down with the hiring manager, to discuss an over of Sath and how the interview process will go that day
  • A skills analysis is conducted based on the open position applied for. This allows you to put your skills and abilities on display for us to see how you not only solve a problem but the steps you take in doing so. We want to evaluate the process and steps you take in thinking and solving the problem at hand.
  • A wrap up with the hiring manager.

Once the face to face is complete Sath will evaluate your skills analysis and a response is sent out within 1 week.

Follow-Up Meeting

After the face to face meeting a follow up meeting is set. In the following up meeting you will get a chance to sit down with members of the staff here and give you an opportunity to ask them questions about Sath, the culture and office and the position.

After this meeting a response is sent out within 1 week.



After the follow up with the team is done the official offer from Sath comes. This will spell out everything you can expect to be asked to do here at Sath along with all the things you can expect from Sath. Once an agreement has been reached and signed your official start date will be within 2 weeks of that date.