Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

restricts access to users based on their roles in the organizations. This helps organizations provide the Right Access to the Right group of people, and only information that pertains to them. RBAC help to fully manage user profiles.

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Role Management

IDHub provides administrators of IDHub, with the option to control roles in the organization.

Administrators can Perfrom:

  • Role Creation using Wizard
  • Bulk Role Uploads
  • Role Approvals
  • Disable/Enable Roles

Birthright Roles

IDHub provides an option to auto-assign a set of Roles, as well as applications and entitlements associated with the role, to newly on-boarded users.

New employee on-boarding and starting the job, has never been so easy on Day 1!

Birthright Roles

Why the need for Role Based Access Control?

RBAC (Role Based Access Control) is used majorly by enterprise organisations with more than 500 users. It is an effective way to conrol unwanted accesses to a group which is not pertinent to their usage

Access Control

Defined Roles in Organisation restricts users to have access to non-pertinent information


Condition Based

If users match with Role condition, they areautomatically provide users with access to applications in role


Configure roles for your organisation based on whether it can be requested by individuals or system provided


With Roles in your organisations, it is easier to different applications and entitlements required for a group

Time efficient

With Role based control, organisations reduce their effort to manage and control access on an individual level


Ease of Access

End users in the organisation can now search for their peers roles and request for themselves with ease

Location based Access

Roles can be configured to provide access to only specific users in a particular location of the company


Risk based Access

Roles can also be configured to provide access to only high risk applications or applications that require confidentiality


Role modifications are controlled with approval processes. Direct changes in roles are restricted for security purposes

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Roles for End-Users

For employees of your organization, there are many advantages of having Role assignment.

IDHub Role Functions:

  • Role Access Request – via the centralized Search Catalog page, for self and others.
  • Save Roles – save and share lists of resources, including Roles, to other users for requesting.
  • Role Revocations
  • Birthright Role Provisioning
  • View other user roles in the user hierarchy.

“With IDHub RBAC we can control the expenses made in managing our legacy systems and roll out a modern way of administering IDM system.”

-Arun Binaykia