Application Connectors

IDHub is a powerful Identity Management software, that has pre-built connectors. Check out our out of the box connectors on this page!

IDHub Out-Of-The-Box Current Connectors

Google Workspace

Google Workspace / Suite

Office 365

Office 365

LDAP Connector

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

Flat File Connector

Flat Files

Database Connector

Database Integration

Atlassian Jira Connector

Atlassian Jira

Atlassian Confluence

Atlassian Confluence

Standards-based target system connectors

IDHub provides secure, standards-based integrations that let you plug in your application's security models quickly. It works across platforms and is designed to increase your application onboarding speed. 

  • Designed to remove friction—Real-time card validation with built-in error messaging
  • Mobile-ready—Fully responsive design with Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • International—Supports over 25 languages and multiple payment methods
  • Customization and branding—Customizable buttons and background color
  • Fraud and compliance—Simplified PCI compliance and SCA-ready
  • Additional features—Apply discounts, collect taxes, send email receipts, and more

IDHub connector consists of SCIM and other REST endpoints to perform operations on a target systems. The connectors are developed and maintained independent of mainline IDHub. They are self contained processes running on a server/platform that has direct connection to target systems. Connectors can be run on the Target System Servers.

This framework is the Architecture, Design, Concept, Code, Documentation of connecting IDHub to Target System for Provisioning and Recon.

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What is a connector ?

A Connector is a cross-platform executable and configuration that connects IDHub and an Application. The runnable application for a target system is to be called by its full name Ex. LDAP Connector

Connector Operations

  • Create a Resource
  • Modify a Resource in target systems.
  • Remove a Resource from target systems.
  • Search All Resources from target systems.
  • Search resource from target systems.

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