Wizard Based OnBoarding

IDHub provides a user-friendly wizard-based Application Onboarding platform for speed and ease of use for administrators.

Our Admin Module helps users perform single and bulk onboarding and off-boarding using a simple user interface with no technical experience required.

You can Onboard your Applications now with:

  • Custom Application Attributes
  • Custom Entitlements
  • Custom Request Forms
  • Synchronization Schedules for Connected Systems
  • Auto- Synchronizations of Application Attributes and Entitlements for Connected System
  • Trusted Reconciliation Feature to enable User Onboarding for the Application
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Bulk Application Onboarding

IDHub also provides an interactive wizard for bulk-application onboarding for enterprises and companies with a high count of applications to be onboarded at once. This is an Xls based upload wizard

Bulk Uploading
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Self Service and Approvals

Our Application Onboarding process keeps in mind the ease-of-use for Business Analysts who wish to manage the applications themselves.

Below are the best features that can be used easily:

  • Application Onboarding
  • Application Approvals by an Approver Group
  • Manage Applications
  • Perform Synchronizations for Connected Systems
  • and more…
easy iam onboarding

This dynamic solution combines many applications and resources into a single display.

Import, Export, and Version

IDHub provides single page management of applications.

Here you can perform:

  • Export Application Information in PDF or JSON for copying entire application across environments in your organization
  • Edit Applications and Use latest versions of the Application for Access Requests
  • and much more.
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