Identity Hub

Do you find yourself asking any or all these questions: “Is there an easier and simpler way to upgrade our IDM system?” “Is there a faster way to on-board applications?” “Is there a way to integrate all these interfaces into just one?” “How do I empower our users to do more?” “Is there a solution that will free up my IT support staff from performing mundane and routine tasks?”
The Sath Identity Hub is a solution that provides a single platform to manage application lifecycle for different IDM systems. It simplifies migration and upgrading of IDM systems by eliminating a capital-intensive, time and resource consuming project. This hybrid IDM environment may be in place for multiple years. The Sath Identity Hub is the critical facilitator in migrating IDM solutions to the cloud.

The Identity Hub is a separate application with its independent user interface that connects to Identity Management Systems using APIs and connecting with the data layer. Identity Hub has various modules – Application Manager, Reconciliation, Notifications, Workflow UI and Reporting that helps in application on-boarding, reconciling accounts and entitlements from target system, managing notifications, requests and tasks and generating reports.

Identity Hub Features:

  • Business user can on-board new applications, entitlements, roles and business rules
  • Unified identity data modeling
  • Single pane of glass interface
  • IDM migration completed within a few months
  • Application on-boarding wizard & bulk templates
  • Delegated provisioning
  • Unified catalog, requests & approvals

Identity Hub Benefits:

  • Empowered business user
  • Increased adoption rate
  • Simplified migration
  • One integrated interface
  • Frees up IT Support Staff
  • Very user friendly
  • Reduces the amount of resources utilized

Identity Hub Use Cases

Migrating & Upgrading


Application Provisioning


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