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Using IDHub connectors, operations on target systems can be performed using SCIM and other REST endpoints. The connectors are developed and maintained independently from IDHub's mainline product. The connectors are self contained processes that run on a server/platform which is directly connected to the target systems. On Target System Servers, connectors can be executed.


Resource in a Target System is of two types - Accounts and Entitlements. The operations of a Connector is :

  • Create a resource in target systems. (POST)
  • Modify a resource in target systems. (PUT & PATCH)
  • Remove a resource from target systems. (DELETE)
  • Search All resources from target systems. (GET)
  • Search specific resource from target systems. (GET)

A Connector is an instance of the runnable packages and configurations that runs as an independent application that connects IDHub and a Target System. The runnable application for a target system is to be called by its full name Ex. LDAP Connector

Connector Components

Connector Application

A component of the connector that provides SCIM and Recon API and in turn uses a Splice to communicate with target system. Connector Application is a common component for all Connectors

Connector Application Configuration

A configuration file to specify the Autowiring of the splice, authentication information, and any meta data required to communicate with IDHub

Connector Service Provider Interface (SPI)

A set of Java interfaces that becomes a method signature between Connector Application and Splice. See Service Provider Interfaces . The SPI library, jar of interfaces, is a common dependency between Connector Application and Splice.


A library that implements Connector SPI and talks natively to Target System. A splice implements Connector API. This implementation is loaded by Connector Application using Spring Autowire mechanism.

Splice Configuration

Configuration to be used by a Splice. It will contain metadata to connect to a target system

Null Splice

A splice implementation that does not talk to any Target System, only logs calls. Can be used to as a template to create additional splices