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Upgrade Guide

Complete guide for upgrade : To be coming soon

Take an backup or snapshot of your VM before starting the upgrade

Check for free disk space on the system at least 10GB is good

df -h

save old .env file to .envsave

cp /apps/idhub/.env /apps/idhub/.envsave

Download latest release file from TBA

uncompress the downloaded file to an tmp folder

tar xzvf (filename)

change dir to the uncompressed directory

cd (foldername)

copy contents of the decompressed archive to /apps/idhub

cp -rp * /apps/idhub

set owner of /apps/idhub

sudo chow -R idhub:idhub /apps/idhub

change dir to /apps/idhub

cd /apps/idhub

change to idhub user

sudo su idhub

edit the .env file to have the right url under IDHUB_REPORTS_DOMAIN_URL and ELK_URL

edit the .env file and copy old passwords from .envsave







run docker compose down

docker compose down

after the stack is down

run docker compose up -d

docker compose up -d

check to see if the images have new version

docker ps

after the stack is up remove old images

run docker image prune

docker image prune